Why Did YouTuber Smokey Glow And Her Husband Charles Tobias Get Divorced?

Smokey Glow is an American YouTuber with 445k subscribers on her official YouTube channel
Smokey Glow is an American YouTuber with 445k subscribers on her official YouTube channel( Source : twitter )

Smokey Glow is an American YouTuber who recently got divorced from her husband, Charles Tobias.

She posted a life update video on her official YouTube channel, Smokey Glow, where she discussed her marriage, divorce, and current life in a very emotional way.

She had not uploaded a video to her channel in about a month, so she made the decision to do so in order to break the silence about her divorce from Charles, to let her followers know what she is going through, and to let them know what they can expect from her in the future.

Smokey Glow Divorce With Her Husband, Charles Tobias In 2022

Hannah, better known as Smokey Glow, divorced her husband, Charles Tobias, in 2022.

She shared everything related to her divorce in a video posted on November 23, 2022. Not everyone knew she was married as the couple decided to have a private ceremony with just their close friends and family members because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Smokey Glow tweeted about her divorce and life update on her Twitter account
Smokey Glow tweeted about her divorce and life update on her Twitter account ( Source : reddit )

She got married in March 2021 and Charles' brother officiated the wedding. They were really excited to give a huge wedding party in 2022 but fate had something else on hand.

She specifically mentioned that neither she nor Charles would give proper details about their breakup because they respect each other so much. Furthermore, she refused to say bad things about her husband as they had been together as a couple for more than six years.

According to her life update video, She and her husband felt that things started going down in the fall. She went to Costa Rica in May 2022 for a vacation with her friends where she talked about her miscarriage. Some other things too happened in the same month and they eventually decided to get separate at the end of May.

She felt that things were just not working out with them and they both wanted to figure something out with their life and situation. They lived in the same house but shared different rooms despite being a married couple.

There was a huge dilemma in front of them as they were about to give their wedding party in July and did not know how to tell their parents about their situation. None of their friends or family knew what was going on between them.

Eventually, they decided to cancel the wedding party because of their decision to get separated. She thanked her friends and family members for supporting them in taking care of all the vendors of her wedding.

Smokey Glow posted a video on her YouTube channel to talk about her marriage, divorce, and current life update
Smokey Glow posted a video on her YouTube channel to talk about her marriage, divorce, and current life update ( Source : youtube )

In the summer of 2022, they experienced that living together became difficult as they would bump into each other in the kitchen, and living room, so they decided to go to different places during their wedding weekend.

But, she got covid on the week of her wedding party and moved out of the house to spend ten days at a hotel, alone, isolated from her friends, family, and husband. At the same time, her uncle also passed away so she had to go to Virginia for the funeral. It was very difficult for her to lose two of the most important males in her life as her uncle was also her godfather.

She and Charles were a lovely couple who were frequently seen together on podcasts on The Glow Show. Their divorce came as shocking news to her fans as they loved them together.

Smokey Glow's Divorce And Life Update

Smokey Glow separated from her husband and lives with two of her closest girlfriends.

She said it was hard to see Charles moving out and starting her whole life together. They were together for six years and felt scared and terrible not to have that 'one' in each other's life. However, she consoled herself by expressing that she was not the first to have experienced such a terrible situation.

Smokey and her husband got married in a private ceremony in 2021
Smokey and her husband got married in a private ceremony in 2021 ( Source : twitter )

She felt that she was not able to work properly as Charles was her driving force and he was the reason she got to do everything right. He would watch her videos before posting and sometimes pushed her to upload a video even if she was not sure about the video. 

She even got choked up during the life update video talking about how she will handle her work and life without Charles being at her side. Her biggest achievements happened because of him like assisting her in getting her Bachelor's degree.

She said that she is going to get over her anxiety and health problems, and would focus on 'glomas.' Glomas is the name of her December project where she posts one video every day for the entirety of the month. She wants to do the December project not just for her fans but also for her own benefit as this year has been too much stress for her.

She is grateful towards her fans for supporting her and watching her content even if they are not as consistent as it used to be. She is also going to post a review of 'Love is Blind' season three and more videos before the huge December 'Glomas' project.

At last, she mentioned that she and her husband are going to share the custody of their dogs as they both adore them very much and she posted the video only after showing it to Charles first.

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