Sleepy Hollow Rapper Shot To Death By A Man -Learn What Happened

Sleepy Hollow is pulled into a shooting incident which happened a year ago.
Sleepy Hollow is pulled into a shooting incident which happened a year ago.( Source : facebook )

Sleepy Hollow, aka Tegan Joshua Anthony Chambers, is a rapper with more than 12 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

A verified Spotify artist's song credits include Die Young, 2055, Weight On Me, Molly, et cetera. The New York rapper Sleepy Hallow brought his Still Sleep Tour on November 20th, 2021.

Recently the buzz about his arrest has been circling on the web without any confirmed sources; thus, the public is exactly unaware of why this rumor is circulating.

Did Sleepy Hollow Rapper Shot Someone Or Got Shot?

As we found, Sleepy Hollow did not shoot anyone and has been confused with another person with whom he shares the same stage name as per 247News Around The World.

He recently shared an Instagram story that wrote, "free me." This had led many of his fans to believe something wrong in the rapper's life. Some of his followers have even tried to search up his arrest or any charges imposed on him. But that person did not find anything against him when looked up on the web. 

This led some web portals to reminisce, which dates back to June 2021. There was a massacre where one man was shot dead, and another was severely injured and was taken to the hospital. Many people are confused about two different incidents because of their similar names.

Along with Sleepy Hollow, his girlfriend also wrote Free Sleepy in her social media.
Along with Sleepy Hollow, his girlfriend also wrote Free Sleepy in her social media.( Source : instagram )

As per the said site, Sleepy has nothing to do with the killing incident. But this matter led his past incidents to be unfolded as he was involved in some criminal activities during his teenage years. When the rapper was 15 years old, he got caught with cannabis after he was sent to a Juvenile Detention Center.

Sleepy is a street gang member, The Eight Tray Gansta Crisp, and joined the gang when he was released from Juvenile, as per the reports.

Fans are worried about him and want him to be present at his concert in Miami in July.

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Was Sleepy Hollow Arrested -What Happened To Him?

Rumors are that Sleepy Hollow has been arrested.

Though the actual reason behind his arrest has not been found, it is speculated that the rapper was involved in a shooting incident. He also posted a post captioning that he wanted no sympathy when he got to leave.

Sleepy Hollow's girlfriend, a multi-passionate dreamer, doer, and lover, recently shared in her IG story noting not to believe any things written on the fake blogs and websites. She also wrote that there is defamation to the fullest.

Her IG stories also imply that something might have happened to Sleepy Hollow. It seems that the singer has gone somewhere far from her; perhaps because of this, she wrote that he is soon gonna be in her arms. After that, she also added "Free My Baby Sleepy."

What Is Sleepy Hollow Net Worth? His Earnings From Musical Career

Sleepy Hollow's net worth is estimated to be over $100k, given his career in the musical industry.

With 12,551,049 monthly listeners on Spotify, the rapper might have accumulated quite a fortune. Likewise, as recorded by Youtubers, his net worth is written in the range of $201,000 to $ 1.21 million.

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