Where Is Siraj Patel From Lancaster Now? Mognies Owner Still In Jail For Minor's Assault

Mognies Shop Own By Siraj Patel
Mognies Shop Own By Siraj Patel( Source : co )

Siraj Patel, 49, of Dallas Road, Lancaster, operated Simply Delicious until he was forbidden by Preston Crown Court not to have anything to do with it. He was convicted of four counts of sexual contact with a minor under the age of 16 and one counts of sexual abuse.

Mr.Patel's wife was handed the takeaway's license after his detention, and she continued to operate the business under the same name Simply Delicious.

This license was granted in the situation that her spouse has no further involvement with the business.

Where Is Siraj Patel From Lancaster Now?

Siraj Patel, a Lancaster businessman, is serving a four-year prison for four charges of sexual activity with a child under the age of 16.

Last November, he was found guilty after a trial at Preston Crown Court. Other minors could be exploited or abused at the takeaway, according to authorities.

He was sentenced to four years in prison in December 2016 for these crimes, which he undertook against a 15-year-old girl in his delivery truck, as reported by the BBC.

However, recent accusations that Patel is linked with the businesses again have prompted Lancashire Police and Lancaster City Council to begin an investigation.

Last July, police and immigration authorities investigated Mognies and discovered three illegal immigrants from India living in one room above Mognies.

In order to protect minors and the general public, cops went to remove Mognies takeaway's late license in Lancaster.

Mognies Owner Siraj Patel Still In Jail For Minor's Assault: Meet His Wife

Siraj Patel, the owner of Mognies takeout in Lancaster, is still in prison for assaulting a minor.

At a licensed hearing, his wife, Savera, who was not engaged in any crime, opposed the objection. Lancaster City Council gave her application approval.

After a man, he assumed to be Patel delivered the meal, he who had ordered from the restaurant said he had called the authorities. Because of a mugshot that was published in the news after Patel's conviction, the guy claims to recognize his face.

An investigation of the premises license at Mognies will continue, according to Lancaster Guardian. From Monday through Sunday, 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., they are requesting that late-night refreshments be discontinued.

What Nationality Does Siraj Patel Belong To? His Religion And Ethnicity

Siraj Patel reportedly belongs to the Indian nationality and lives in the United Kingdom. He is said to be a Hindu who belongs to the British-Indian ethnicity.

His additional members of the family, other than his spouse, are unknown. Lancaster City Council stated that Siraj was not allowed to be associated with the restaurant.

He also received a sexual harm minimization order, was placed on the sex offenders registry forever, and was required to pay a £120 victim penalty.

Patel's prior newsagent firm had racked up a £90,000 debt, which was presently being paid off by Mrs. Patel through the Mognies business, according to licensing officials.

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