Has Shima Luan done a face reveal? No, Shima Luan vanished from the internet in 2016 before blessing her followers with the revelation of her face.

Shima is a well-known voiceover YouTuber from the United States. She frequently read audiobooks on Shima Luan and provided educational facts on Planet Dolan.

After more than eight months of employment with Planet Dolan, online users were familiar with her. Her smooth, deep voice was ideal for audiobooks.

People were curious about the face behind such a smooth voice, but regrettably, their wish was not granted. Many of her supporters wanted her to return as they genuinely missed her.

Has Shima Luan Done A Face Reveal?

Shima Luan never did a face reveal and has disappeared from social media.

Possibly someone from the Super Planet Dolan, where they may be familiar with her true appearance.

She became well-known for the animated pink cat that provided the voiceovers for audiobook recordings and later for some educational content on the planet Dolan channel.

She is best known for abruptly vanishing in late 2016. She was employed by the Australian YouTube channel Planet Dolan, known for its countdown lists.

On January 11, 2008, she launched her YouTube channel. She frequently made appearances on Super Planet Dolan, where she was the most active character.

Her animated character online
Source : instagram

The Super Planet Dolan channel featured a lot of videos with an educational theme. Shima would highlight accurate information, while Dolan would highlight inaccurate information in these videos.

She sounded like a woman in her mid-20s, based on the tone of her voice. This was in 2016, as of now, she might be in her early 30s. Unfortunately, we were unable to see her real identity, which may have been what she had desired.

She struggled with depression and sought therapy, which may have been the cause of her disappearance.

What Happened To Shima Luan?

Many controversial theories surrounding Shima Luan's disappearance from social media have been developed since then, though it is unknown whether they are accurate.

To explain the reason behind her missing, Super Planet Dolan uploaded a video a week ago.

She left Planet Dolan without giving any prior notice. Still, after a few months, she wrote to them to explain some personal reasons for her disappearance that Dolan did not deem appropriate to share online.

According to Planet Dolan, whenever she feels down or depressed, she isolates herself from others and spends time alone. At first, he thought she might be going through that phase, but after being absent for months, he became worried. 

The channel added that she was reportedly receiving therapy sessions to aid her recovery.

Shima made an unannounced appearance on her YouTube channel that year to discuss her health and daily life.

She had a difficult upbringing, resulting in a mental illness as she aged. She spoke while sobbing and in a depressed tone. 

Shima is the oldest one, with one brother and two sisters.  After the birth of her brother, her parents divorced. Her father remarried shortly after, giving birth to her two sisters.

Despite living in the same state as her family, she mentioned that she is not in contact with them.

She never had the chance to make friends growing up because his father constantly moved. She felt that others did not listen and understand her. 

After receiving her high school diploma, she realized that many people would listen to her if she spoke. 

Shima became aware of the gap between her friends' listening to audiobooks and watching YouTube videos in high school and how they were missing out on the real stories from the original books. So she decided to read the books to her YouTube subscribers.

She was irreplaceable despite only working for the channel for eight months, and many viewers kept asking to bring her back.