Sherra Wright Role In Lorenzen Wright Murder Denies Her Bail Chances Making Children Lose Both Parents

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Sherra Wright, Lorenzen Wright's ex-wife was refused parole for a 30-year jail term for arranging his murder. She pleaded guilty to arranging the former NBA player's 2010 murder.

Though Sherra Wright was denied parole she earned 551 days of pretrial detention credit and 144 days of pretrial behavior credit, according to reports.

Sherra was given 441 days of sentence reduction credits in addition to the pretrial credits.

Pretrial prison credit and pretrial behavior credits are awarded to defendants for time spent before being officially convicted of a crime, as well as for good behavior during that time.

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Sherra Wright And Lorenzen Wright Murder Case

A new turn has evolved in the Sherra Wright and Lorenzen Wright Murder case. The Tennessee Board of Parole said Monday that Wright's ex-wife would not be given early release from prison.

She was sentenced to a 30-year prison term after pleading guilty to arranging the former NBA player's 2010 murder.

Former NBA player, Wright was last seen soon before midnight on July 18, 2010, when visiting his children at his ex-residence wife's in Collierville, near Memphis.

When gunshots were heard during his 911 call on July 19, 2010, Wright is thought to have been murdered. Nine days later, his corpse was discovered in a forested location near southeast Memphis.

Wright was murdered in July 2010, but his killer was not apprehended for another seven years. Sherra Wright, the player's ex-wife, and Billy Ray Turner were arrested in December 2017 after the investigation went cold for seven years.

Sherra pled guilty to first-degree murder facilitation and attempted first-degree murder facilitation in 2019. She received a 30-year term in return for her guilty plea.

Turner was convicted guilty of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, and conspiracy three years later after a jury deliberated for three hours.

Deborah Marion, Wright's mother, told CNN affiliate WMC-TV that the verdict gave the family closure. She was, however, asserting her innocence and accusing her cousin, Jimmie Martin, of murdering the former Memphis basketball star.

Martin was not interviewed for the ESPN documentary, which The Commercial Appeal read before it aired. Wright's murder is the subject of an hour-long ESPN special.

Lorenzen and Sherra's twin sons Lamar and Shamar discuss their recollections of their parents, living through the aftermath of their father's death. And their collegiate basketball careers at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville in the episode "A Murder In Memphis."

They told the sports network that they feel their mother is innocent of their father's murder 12 years ago. 

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Sherra Wright Parole Denial Leaves Seven Children Without Parents

Sherra Wright was sentenced to 30 years in jail for the facilitation of murder and was currently incarcerated at the Debra K. Johnson Rehabilitation Center in Nashville.

Her plea agreement calls for her to serve 30 percent of her sentence or nine years. Lorenzen's ex-wife petitioned a parole board on May 11 after serving less than four years of her 30-year sentence.

Wright would have been released after serving only 15% of her sentence, or less than five years if her request was approved. But because of the gravity of the offense, the parole board conducted an independent examination of Wright's case and unanimously denied her request for release.

From their marriage, the couple had welcomed seven children into their life. Unfortunately, one of them died while still a baby.

Sierra Wright was born in 2002 and passed away 11 months later. 

Lorenzen Wright Jr., their first child, was born on April 11, 1995, in Memphis, Tennessee. He is a youthful basketball player with a lot of enthusiasm and is 26 years old.

Then there's Loren Wright, an interpretation expert at the Art Institute of Chicago's Publishing and Interpretation department. She is committed to making museums more welcoming and accessible to all.

Lamar and Shamar Wright, twins from Murrieta, California, are basketball players. They recently participated in the SIU-Edwardsville Cougars in the NCAA.

Sofia Wright, Lorenzen Wright's daughter, is currently in her early adolescence. And Wright also has another son named Lawson Wright, according to

Sherra Wright Denied Parole For Planning Husband's Death

Sherra Wright's parole is refused by the Board of Parole, with her next hearing scheduled for May 2027. Barrett Rich, a board member present at the initial parole hearing on May 11, 2022, stated that he would vote to reject parole.

Three additional board members have decided to deny her parole in the days afterward. The decision was made based on the gravity of the violation, according to the board.

Wright has completed three years of a 30-year sentence for her participation in the assassination of her ex-husband, NBA star Lorenzen Wright.

TN Parole Board Member Barrett Rich remarked during the May 11th hearing, "I don't see any reason why early release would be justified in any way."

Lorenzen Wright Jr. said, "Sherra is a victim of domestic violence, abuse, whatever it is, mental, physical, emotional."

"My ex-husband Lorenzen became involved in the drug network and owed a lot of money to some people," Sherra Wright explained.

The accusations were disputed by Wright's family and police enforcement.

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