Internet Can't Stop Speculating About Baby Father Of Shenseea's Son, Rajerio Lee

Chinsea Lee, better known by her moniker Shenseea, is a dancehall artist from Jamaica.
Chinsea Lee, better known by her moniker Shenseea, is a dancehall artist from Jamaica.( Source : dancehallmag )

Chinsea Lee, better known by her moniker Shenseea, is a dancehall artist from Jamaica.

She is famous for her association with an appearance on songs by such dancehall artists as Vybz Kartel and Sean Paul. She has also appeared on songs by more mainstream artists like Christina Aguilera. 

She signed a recording contract with Interscope Records in 2019. Soon after signing her contract, she released a song called Blessed featuring the rapper Tyga. The song has accumulated over 58 million YouTube views and over 53 million streams on Spotify. 

She has worked with famous artists like Kanye West, whose 2021 album Donda she appeared on, specifically in the song Pure Souls with Roddy Ricch and Ok Ok Pt 2 with Rooga.

She recently released the single "Lick" featuring Megan Thee Stallion from Alpha, her debut album.

Who Is Shenseea's Baby Father, Rob?

Dancehall artist Shenseea gave birth to her son, Rajeiro Lee, at 19 in 2015.

She had her son with her then-boyfriend named Rob. Not much else is known about Rob, and it has long since been confirmed that they are not together.

They had a very public falling-out, and Shenseea has put him on blast on multiple occasions on her social media and in her music. Perhaps the most prominent of these occasions was back in 2019, in a now-deleted Instagram post, where she left scathing comments for her ex, Rob.

Some of what she said can be surmised as her claiming that he dislikes her and is doing everything in his power to tear her down.

She went on to say that no matter what he does, he realizes that he can never stop her, so he has to impotently stick back and watch her flourish and prosper for the rest of his insignificant life.

Shenseea had her son with her estranged ex Rob back in 2015 when she was 19
Shenseea had her son with her estranged ex Rob back in 2015 when she was 19 ( Source : youtube )

Rob didn't take that lying down and responded to the deleted post, though since the post has been deleted, his original message has been wiped from the internet.

However, many publications claim that he responded by asking Shenseea if she woke up feeling some way and lambasted her for being so insignificant that she had time to post about him. 

He ended his retort by saying that she needs to grow up, focus on her career, and care less about a married man.

Shenseea's Son, Rajeiro Lee

Shenseea's son, Rajeiro Lee, is now around six or seven years old and already has a career.

The boy signed an endorsement deal for Babybop Kids Store at four in 2020.

 He is the newest ambassador for the store. The store made an announcement on its social media on a February Wednesday but has yet to release the deal's value. Shenseea's manager, Romeich, secured the deal for the toddler.

He stated that he had seen Rajeiro's personality develop over the years and had a lot of star potential, stating that the then-four-year-old acted like he was six.
Wanting to utilize that star potential, Romeich connected him to Babybop Kids Store.

Shenseea with her son Rajeiro Lee
Shenseea with her son Rajeiro Lee ( Source : urbanislandz )

Romeich stated that they'd already done a lot of stuff with both Shenseea and Rajeiro, and Shenseea was delighted to see him follow in her footsteps.

The singer and her manager agreed that Rajeiro is a fun-loving and energetic child who shows above-average intelligence.

Rajeiro was chosen for the position because the company had set up a photo shoot of two hours for him, but he did it flawlessly in 20 minutes, to which Romeich replied that he was a natural.

Romeich further stated that since Babybop announced Rajeiro as their ambassador, various other family brands have started to ask about Shenseea's child while expressing their desire to work with the toddler.

Who Is Shenseea Dating Now?

Dancehall artist Shenseea has been romantically linked to various rappers and other big names throughout her career.

Some of the people she has been linked to are 21 Savage, Rvssian, and Drake.

However, most recently, she has been linked to the rapper and producer London on da Track. These rumors started after videos of the two holding hands at the most recent Super Bowl surfaced.

However, Shenseea quickly dissuades the public from adding to these rumors by stating that he had held her hand to save her from falling. She commented as such under a post made by The Shade Room, a hip-hop news page on Instagram post.

Shenseea with rapper-producer London on da Track whom she was rumored to be dating, though she has denied it
Shenseea with rapper-producer London on da Track whom she was rumored to be dating, though she has denied it ( Source : dancehallmag )

London on da Track has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. He had been dating singer Summer Walker and had a daughter with her. However, Shenseea is still single. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club's Angela Yee, the Dancehall artist stated that she is no longer single.

According to the singer, her new lover is someone no one knows, and she intends to keep it that way.

She has, however, let slip that he is someone in the entertainment industry but insisted that it isn't London on da Track. This new guy's identity will remain a secret as long as Shenseea wills it, and it looks like she intends to make sure no one will know who she is dating.

She also told her fans that regardless of who she is seen with online, they won't know who she is dating as far as she knows. She stated that whoever she is dating is a cool dude and that things are going well.

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