Sharon LaDay net worth currently stands at $19 million. Sharon is recognized as an Angel Investor working in a golden seed.

LaDay is known as an investor based in Huston, Texas, and has a bachelor's degree in computer science.

Angel investor invests in small business in exchange for ownership equity in the organization. She pursued a master's degree in Business Administration and majored in economics. She moved to New York after her study to start her career.

She also worked on several transactions, including partnering and M&A, that deal with sourcing, processing, and closing.

She is also a licensed investor and has done volunteer in different organizations. Currently, she is working as a senior Director in the ServiceNow company, a software company.  

Sharon LaDay Net Worth

Sharon LaDay net worth is $19 million as of 2023. 

Sharon is also working as a Senior Director of the ServiceNow company. According to glassdoor, The estimated salary for a senior director in the united state is around $15000 per month and $180,500 per year.

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She is very low-key when it comes to her living not many people know about her wealth. Even though she makes an impressive fortune, she lives a very simple life and stays out of the spotlight.

She became a topic of controversy when she appeared in Mister Lewis TikTok. His TikTok account is based on asking random people about their income.


😱 Asking strangers how much money they make 💰

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She happens to be one, and many people said she is lying as she appeared to dress, and not many people heard about her. 

She has worked in the financial field for over two decades and now invests in small businesses to support them financially. 

According to LinkedIn, she is very passionate about understanding customer needs and market requirements, and trends.

She provides facilities to her clients like product management, new product management, budget management, competitive analysis, and data analysis. 

Sharon LaDay Is An Angel Investor

Sharon LaDay is working as an angel investor for a Golden Seed company.

Sharon is able to gather her wealth from working in various positions throughout her life.

She has also worked as a vice chair in companies like the five pearls non-profit foundation. She started to work in the Datalink as an enterprise data system engineer right after graduating from university.

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She interned in market development, where she learned about market viability and product.

After that, she worked as a financial service vertical marketing manager. She briefly worked in California, moved to New York, and started as a senior product marketing manager.

She worked as a Director of corporate strategy and development and as a principal of startup consulting. After that, she got promoted to director of market development.

She is also a Co-founding organizer for the NY EdTech Meetup. She has also worked as Blockchain Ecosystem Leader at IBM Blockchain Unit. She has to work with a lead global team of eight business development executives with a $1 million budget. 

How Much Money Does Sharon LaDay Make?

Sharon has worked in different financial positions throughout her life.

Sharon has volunteered as a startup mentor, co-leader, and board of directors. She worked as a startup mentor. An average salary of a startup mentor in the USA is $62003 per year and $5000 a month.

She also worked as a Co-Leader of two companies. An average salary of a company co-leader in the USA is $120000 per year and $10000 monthly.

And as a Board of Directors, she earns $80000 per year and $6000 per month. She also worked as an angel investor and made around $200000 per year and $16000 per month.