Who Is Romana Didulo? Everything To Learn About Wiki And Age Of Self-Declared Queen Of Canada

Romana Didulo is the self-announced Queen Of Canada ( Source : Youtube )

Romana Didulo is the self-proclaimed Queen of Canada.

For about a year, British Columbia is releasing videos and written declarations in which she claims to have been appointed Queen of Canada and head of government by a group of allied nations.

It may seem ridiculous, but Romana Didulo has been adopted by the online Qanon conspiracy subculture. As a result, she has amassed a sizable loyal following, with upwards of 70k members, many of whom believe her every word.

Self-Declared Queen Of Canada Romana Didulo's Wiki 

Romana Didulo is a middle-aged, British Columbia-based conspiracy influencer, who declared herself as the "Queen of Canada." She has also referred to herself as "commander-in-chief," "Head of State and Government," and "President and National Indigenous Chief of the Kingdom of Canada." 

The  Conversation reports, that recently, Didulo has presented herself as the “Queen of the World.”

Didulo's name initially came to light during the pandemic. It was when she pushed her supporters to send "stop and desist" orders to health care providers, lawmakers, and others who supported COVID-19 restrictions and vaccines.

Romana Didulo pretends to be the
Romana Didulo pretends to be the "sovereign of the republic of Canada" and requests that vaccines and other COVID-19 pandemic control measures be halted.( Source : Cbc )

She was arrested by authorities in November after she pushed her followers to "shoot to kill" anybody who administers vaccines to youngsters. She has also urged her supporters to cease paying their utility bills, water bills, and taxes.

She travels throughout Canada in a camper RV with an entourage. They have "meet and greets," during which Didulo talks officially. These are captured and shared over several Telegram channels, an encrypted chat service.

She has over 66,000 "I AMs," or followers. They are presently fundraising for a new $65,000 RV for their queen.

Didulo is a distinct kind of sovereign citizen. She believes in a doctrine that combines QAnon conspiracy theories, pseudo-legal sovereign-citizen views, and new-age mysticism.

Romana has over 70k followers on Telegram
Romana has over 70k followers on Telegram( Source : Globalnews )

She boasts about her magical skills to her followers. She believes she can make herself invisible by "cloaking."

This ability is common among beings of her kind, she claims. She is not from this world. She is an Arcturian, an extraterrestrial entity with exceptional heavenly powers, and a member of a highly evolved alien species.

They have "med beds." Didulo defines med beds as advanced healing chambers that can treat medical problems, regrow limbs and organs, reverse aging, and even make one eternal.

She promises her followers unfettered access to these beds, complete with miracles. Many of her Telegram followers appear to be eagerly anticipating her promised technology, perhaps postponing real medical attention.

Didulo alleges that the Chinese military infiltrated hidden subterranean tunnels that crisscross Canada. She directed her soldiers and cleared the Chinese communist tunnels with much difficulty.

Does Romana Didulo Has Husband?

Given her age, Romana Didulo looks to be married to her husband. However, she has said nothing about the situation.

On the other hand, two of her followers are facing charges after supporters of the self-proclaimed "Queen of Canada." They were protesting to "arrest" Peterborough police officers on Saturday afternoon (August 13) at the Peterborough police station.

On August 13, 2022, Peterborough police officers arrest Frank Curtin during a demonstration at the Peterborough police station. Curtin, a supporter of self-proclaimed
On August 13, 2022, Peterborough police officers arrest Frank Curtin during a demonstration at the Peterborough police station. Curtin, a supporter of self-proclaimed "Queen of Canada" Romana Didulo( Source : Kawarthanow )

Frank Curtin, a Didulo supporter in the Peterborough region, coordinated and led Saturday's demonstration outside the Peterborough police station in response to a Telegram message from Didulo.

"Who among you is willing to maintain your city safe, quiet, and secure after peacefully arresting Peterborough Ontario Police?" Didulo had enquired of her followers.

Didulo, who was in Peterborough for the demonstration on Saturday, claims her supporters have gathered more than $100,000 for her to "travel Canada" in an RV with her entourage.

On Saturday, Curtin met Didulo in her RV.

Romana Didulo's Net Worth -How Rich Is She?

Romana Didulo has an estimated net worth of $50,000 as of 2022. However, she does has a huge number of followers and supporters who treat her like an actual Queen of Canada.

She claims to have access to the Vatican's billions of money. She also claims to be a "shape changer," able to take on whatever physical appearance she desires.

Romana Didulo also claims to be an extraterrestrial with superhuman abilities.
Romana Didulo also claims to be an extraterrestrial with superhuman abilities.( Source : Thedailybeast )

The "US commander-in-chief" has tasked Didulo with ending the conflict in Ukraine by serving as a "mediator" between the US and Russia.

She recently claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin, a close friend, had given her an autographed watch. She travels in a Camper Rv which can cost you, from $10,000 to $300,000, depending on the style and features.

A modestly equipped camper trailer towed behind a truck might cost up to $20,000. A fifth-wheel RV may cost $40,000 on average. Most RV costs begin at around $100,000.

Supporters of Didulo have also been reported to be soliciting funds for her through a fund-raising initiative.

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