If you are looking for adorable and trendy hairstyles for your little girl, Look no further! Our collection of cute school hairstyles for girls is here to make mornings easier while making her feel confident and stylish throughout the day.

From simple braids and ponytails to charming buns and fun accessories, we have options that suits every hair length and texture. Get inspired and give your little fashionista the perfect hairstyle to conquer the school day with flair!

1. Cute Bang Braids With A Ponytail

Source : instagram

If you're tired of giving your girl a simple ponytail and looking for a cute hairstyle for her, consider adding braids and accessories like those seen in the picture. This style combines two popular trends and is perfect for a playful and adorable look. 

Start by combing and brushing her hair to avoid tangling. Then, braid her bangs and secure them with small elastics or a clip. Lastly, gather all her hair into a high or low ponytail and secure it with a hair tie and Voila!!!. 

2. Space Buns Hairstyles

Source : youtube

Also known as space buns, the double bun hairstyle involves dividing the hair into two sections and creating two buns on top of the head. This style is versatile and can be customized to suit any occasion. It adds a touch of fun and youthfulness to a girl's look. 

Be it for school, a casual day out or a special event, the double bun hairstyle is a cute and stylish choice that girls can rock with confidence.

3. Half Up High Ponytail With A Bow

Source : instagram

Recreate this cute and playful look for your little one with a half-up high ponytail for her school days.  In order to achieve this look, start by gathering the top section of hair and securing it with an elastic band, leaving the rest of the hair down.

To add a touch of charm, tie a colourful and adorable bow around the ponytail which makes this hairdo a perfect choice for any occasion. Undoubtedly, this hairstyle will make your child look absolutely adorable.

4. Twisted Bangs

Source : pinterest

For girls with short hair, twisted bangs add a unique twist to your appearance. This look is effortless and can be done in under five minutes. To achieve this cute look, all you have to do is twist the front sections of your hair and secure them with bobby pins or hair ties. 

But if you are somebody who wants to add some flair and personality to their everyday look, try French braids instead of twisting the bangs!

5. Wavy Long Hair

Source : pinterest

It is hard to find new hairstyles every day to get your children ready for school. In those days, these effortless beachy waves will save the day. Not only is this an easy hairdo but is also easy to achieve and flatters every hair type.

To achieve this flawless hair, all you need is to loosely curl your girl's hair with a curling wand or your straighter and Voila your baby is school-ready!!

6. Half Up Half Down Ponytail

Source : etsy

To achieve this cute and sassy half-up, half-down ponytail start by sectioning off the top half of her hair and securing it in a ponytail at the crown of your head. Then, add cute clips of your or her choice along the sides or at the base of the ponytail for a touch of charm and playfulness.

This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion and adds a fun twist to a classic ponytail look.

7. Ponytail With A Twist

Source : instagram

As the braided bangs gracefully wrap around the ponytail, it adds a touch of playfulness, an air of sophistication and charm. The braid and small clip, meticulously chosen to complement the hair, becomes a statement accessory, effortlessly elevating the overall look. 

With its versatility, the look effortlessly transitions from casual to formal settings, making it a go-to choice for school, or casual outings.

8. Half Braid For Curly Hair

Source : pinterest

Embrace the natural curls and give your child a classic ponytail look with multiple braids which is a classic remedy for back to school hair style ideas. Most importantly,  multiple braids can be a great option to keep the hair neat and prevent tangling.

To elaborate, this style involves dividing the hair into sections and braiding each section separately. Ponytails are another versatile option, where the hair is gathered and secured with an elastic band. As a result, your kid will look put together with manageable hair!!

9. Headband For Girls

Source : pinterest

A headband effortlessly transforms a simple hairdo into a mesmerizing masterpiece. It's trouble-free and adds sophistication to any hairstyle which makes the elegant headband a must-have accessory for your kid's everyday look.

As shown in the picture, the headband gently secures the little girl's hair, creating flawless double braids. It is a subtle way to enhance the natural beauty of wavy hair, elevating it to a whole new level of elegance. 

10. Double Ponytail With A Chunky Bow

Source : bubblegumdivas

Double ponytails with chunky bows are an adorable hairstyle for little girls. This look creates a playful and youthful look, while the chunky bows add a touch of cuteness. Moreover, this hairstyle can be styled with different coloured bows to match any outfit or occasion.  

It is a simple yet charming hairstyle that little girls will love and look absolutely adorable in. Be it for school, family gatherings or play dates, your little girl will totally rock this vibe!!

11. Cute Mohawk Ponytail

Source : instagram

Give your daughter a cute and trendy hairstyle with a Mohawk-inspired bubble ponytail. With this look, she will instantly look photo-ready and adorable beyond belief!! 

To achieve this style, start by combing your hair thoroughly to avoid tangles and section it into three parts leaving the middle section loose. Secure the side sections into high ponytails, and then create bubbles by placing hair elastics down each ponytail. Once completed, gently pull and fluff each bubble to give it volume. Finish off with some hair accessories for an adorable look that your daughter will love!

12. French Braid With A Scarf

Source : cutegirlshairstyles

A French braid mixed with a scarf is a great option for a busy or a bad hair day because it allows you to hide any unruly or messy hair. While the scarf adds a stylish and chic touch to the hairstyle, it also distracts attention from underlying hair issues.

Plus, it helps to keep the hair in place and prevents frizz or flyaways. Overall, this hairstyle is a quick and easy way to look put together and stylish on days when their hair isn't cooperating.

13. Braided Space Buns

Source : pinterest

Braided space buns is among the cute back to school hairstyles for girls of any age. Be it a toddler, teen, or grownup, this hairstyle is approved by women of every age from all around the world.

For sure, these buns are intricate and reflect the sophistication of the wearer. Therefore, you can rock this look as it is or add French or Dutch braids and give this style a new elevation.

14. Braids With Messy Bun

Source : instagram

A touch of elegance is added when you pair your messy bun with braids. It frames the face beautifully while offering a playful and carefree vibe, effortlessly capturing attention. This combination creates a perfect balance between a polished and relaxed look, making it an excellent choice for school days.

15. Side Parted Hair With Clips

Source : wunderkinco

The combination of the side part hair and clips on kids creates a beautiful balance between structure and movement, making this hairstyle a stunning choice for school girls. Also, this hairstyle is stylishly sophisticated and gives you a desirable makeover in mere a few minutes.

Accentuating this look is a tastefully chosen hair clip, adding a touch of glamour and completing the ensemble with a refined and polished finish.

16. Side Twists With A Bun

Source : instagram

French braids, twists, or any braids, no matter how you wear them, give you a timeless appeal and add cuteness, making your children stylish throughout the day. Besides, the elegance of a braid accentuates the face beautifully, adding a touch of urbanity to the school look.

In the same way, the intricate weaving of the braid enhances their features, giving them a polished and put-together appearance.

17. Easy Braids & Ponytail

Source : shorthairstyles

Criss cross braids with a double ponytail is a trendy hairstyle that involves weaving two braids in an X pattern across the back of the head, securing them with elastic bands. The remaining hair is then divided into two sections, creating two ponytails on either side of the braids. 

This hairstyle is versatile and can be worn for various occasions, adding a fun and stylish touch to any look.

18. Bubble Ponytails

Source : cleaneatingwithkids

Create whimsical bubble ponytails for your kids, drawing inspiration from Princess Jasmine's iconic hair. For this cute hair look, begin by brushing the hair to remove any tangles. Then, divide the hair into sections and secure each with an elastic band. 

Then, take small sections of hair and wrap them around the ponytail, securing them with another elastic band. Repeat this process until you achieve a bubbly effect. Finish with ribbons, clips, or bows to transform your adorable girl into a princess in a few minutes!!

19. Double Dutch French Braids With A Scarf

Source : pinterest

Irrespective of hair length and age, this hairstyle is a fun option for school girls. To add a stylish touch to the double-braid look, a silk bandana scarf or a ribbon is tied around the locks, creating a cute and playful look.

This hairstyle is not only fashionable but also practical, keeping the hair out of the face during school activities. It is an adaptable choice that can be worn with various outfits, making it perfect for school girls or any age.

20. Mid Ponytail With A Bow

Source : bubblegumdivas

As you can see in the picture, a bow is a simple yet elegant addition to a simple ponytail with long wavy hair. This simple addition to a smooth bun here has given the whole styling elegance with a slight twist. 

If you are not a bow person, you can wear a chunky scrunchie. But if you are someone who likes statement pieces, do try a lace ribbon bow, in order to spice up the boho style a bit more.