Sarah Hayes and Kenneth Levan Nelson Texas Now: Parents Kyle And Brooke Morris Appeal

Police in Oklahoma City have arrested eight people in connection with a missing Texas teen.
Police in Oklahoma City have arrested eight people in connection with a missing Texas teen.( Source : abcnews4 )

The parents of a 15-year-old Texas teen who left a Mavericks game in April with an unidentified guy, prompting a human trafficking investigation, are stepping out to raise awareness about the issue.

Human trafficking is defined as the use of force, deception, or compulsion to gain labor or a commercial sex act. Every year, millions of individuals are trafficked around the world, including here in the United States.

To attract victims into trafficking situations, traffickers frequently employ violence, manipulation, or false promises.

Where Are Sarah Hayes and Kenneth Levan Nelson Texas Now?

A teen who went missing while attending a Dallas Mavericks game earlier this month has been found and returned to her family — but not before enduring a horrific ordeal 200 miles away.

Kenneth Levan Nelson, a registered sex offender, is accused of prostituting the 15-year-old through internet ads, according to an Oklahoma City police affidavit.

Nelson allegedly purchased hotel rooms using someone else's ID and advertised himself in "different degrees of undress," according to police.

Nelson and the child were tied to a certain hotel room, according to a witness. The location of an explicit photo of her matched the room.

Two women were allegedly involved, according to police. The images were purportedly shot by Karen Gonzales, and Sarah Hayes admitted to being present when they were taken. It's unclear how the other five people are linked to the investigation.

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Texas Girl Parents Kyle And Brooke Morris Appeal 

In an interview with ESPN and "Good Morning America," Kyle and Brooke Morris said they want their daughter's experience to serve as a warning about the perils of human sex trafficking and how the laws controlling the crime are enforced.

Through an internet ad seeking sex, the Texas Counter-Trafficking Initiative was able to locate the girl.

Their daughter is safe, has started treatment to recuperate from her trauma, and is doing well, according to her parents. According to the family's lawyer, the girl has given her parents permission to discuss the case publicly. Because she is a minor, ESPN will not name her.

A few days after she was discovered, the child told her mother that she had met "so many other girls" in Oklahoma.

The girl did not appear to be forced to leave, according to Zeke Fortenberry, the family's lawyer who has seen the security tape. According to Kyle and Brooke Morris, their daughter has a history of leaving the house without permission.

Kyle Morris claimed she had left with someone she knew in those situations, leaving a message in at least one of them.

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Sarah Hayes and Kenneth Levan Nelson Case 

Before she vanished, the adolescent was at the American Airlines Center. She is 15 years old, which experts say is the average age at which girls in the United States are trafficked.

In connection with the teen's disappearance over two weeks ago, eight adults in Oklahoma City have been charged with human trafficking and other crimes.

The adolescent from North Richland Hills went to the bathroom by herself and never returned to her seat. Her departure with an older male was captured on video. Police in Dallas believe she left of her own volition. She was stranded 200 kilometers away.

On August 15, Sarah & Kenneth will have preliminary hearing conferences. On July 11, Steven Hill, who was accused of rape II, will have a preliminary hearing. According to court documents, Nelson is being held on a $300,000 bond, Sarah is being held on a $250,000 bond and Hill is being held on a $25,000 bond.

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