Sami Chokri, a songwriter and singer, is currently in the news after filing a lawsuit against famous singer Ed Sheeran for infringement of his lyrics.

In 2017, Ed Sheeran's Shape of You was the best-selling song in the UK, although Sami Chokri and Ross O'Donoghue allege it plagiarized sections of their music.

Ed has vehemently denied charges by songwriting pair Sami Chokri and Ross O'Donoghue that he plagiarized the song's 'Oh-I-oh-I-oh-I-oh-I' refrain from their track Oh Why.

Who Is Singer Sami Chokri? Wikipedia And Age 

Sami Chokri is a songwriter and singer. He is currently in the news because he has launched a lawsuit against Ed Sheeran for infringement of his songwriting rights.

According to his appearance, he is in his early thirties; however, his actual date of birth has yet to be revealed.

He has several successful songs and is well-liked by the younger generation.

Chokri appears to be a very private individual, as no personal information about him has been published in the media.

Sami has kept his personal life under wraps because his social media pages are devoid of pictures and information.

Singer Sami Chokri and Case Update As Ed Sheeran Is Fighting 'Shape Of You' Lawsuit

In March 2022, musicians Sami Chokri and Ross O'Donoghue filed a lawsuit against Sheeran, alleging that "Shape Of You" infringes on "certain lines and phrases" of their 2015 work "Oh Why."

On the first day of a copyright trial for Ed Sheeran's smash hit Shape Of You, the High Court heard that the musician is a magpie who allegedly steals ideas from other artists to utilize in his songs.

The 31-year-old wore a dark suit tied to Court 15 of the Rolls Building in central London, where Mr. Justice Zacaroli presided over the proceedings.

According to Sami Chokri and Ross O'Donoghue, it infringes on "certain lines and phrases" of their single, Oh Why.

In May 2018, Sheeran and his song's co-authors filed a lawsuit in the High Court, requesting that the court rule that they had not infringed on Chokri and O'Donoghue's copyright.

According to the latest judgment, Sami and Ross filed their claim for 'copyright infringement, damages, and an account of profits about the alleged violation' two months later, in July 2018.

Royalties from the song were delayed pending a court ruling, and Sheeran, who is worth an estimated £147 million, said the claims had tarnished his reputation.

Sami Chokri Net Worth And Instagram Revealed

Sami Chokri's song could earn him millions of dollars, but he hasn't shared his actual earnings.

He has kept his success a closely guarded secret.

Under the username @sami_switch, he is partially active on Instagram. He presently has 4,397 followers and 29 posts.

Sami doesn't appear to be a big fan of social media.