Who Is Sally Watts From Heartbeat? Is The Actress Leaving Coronation Street?

Sally Watts, who was born on May 25, 1950, is a British film, television, and stage actress who is also like Colin Draper in Heartbeat star in the year 2002.

Likewise, She is best known for her role as Barbara in the sitcom Billy Liar (1973–74).

Sally has been involved in this area for more than four decades with shows such as Solicitor's Secretary in Public Eye (1972); Hunter's Walk (1973); Barbara in 21 episodes of Billy Liar (1973–74); Farm Girl in Nuts in May for Play for Today (1976) and many more.

Not only that,  she is featured in shows such as Chrissie in BBC2 Playhouse's episode 'A Martyr to the System' (1976); Nellie in Scene (1976); Sylvia Paxton/Anne in Rooms (1974–77); Pauline Wells in Breakaway Girls (1978) aswell.

Who Is Sally Watts From Heartbeat?

Sally Watts was featured as Colin Draper in Heartbeat in the year 2002. This 72-year-old artist had done this artistic piece during her adult phase that is prior to more than 20 years.

Sadly, Watts seems to be a private person as she has not shared much about her work, personal, etc., and may reveal it as per demand by fans and followers.

Sally Watts Wikipedia - Is Actress Leaving Coronation Street?

Sally Watts, a British film, television, and stage actress, has made no any comments about her leaving Coronation Street.

Likewise, she was born on May 25, 1950, and is well known for playing Colin Draper in the 2002 film Heartbeat.

Linda/Ruby in ITV Play Sally Watts is the daughter of Colin and Annie Watts and was born in Somerset and has a younger sister, Gwendolyn Watts, who is also an actress.

Her career as an actor has led to many acting platforms with fans and followers on the other hand which is the result of hard work and dedication over more than four decades.

However, as she is now in her 70s, she is not in her acting, per reports.

Sally Watts Net Worth 2022

Sally Watts earns most of her money as a successful actress, and her current net worth is reported to be over 5 million dollars.

As Watts is not featured on Instagram and any other social media, her posts cannot be observed about how lavishly she lives and many more, which makes it harder to predict her exact net worth and spending.

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