Could Sachith De Silva Be Arrested? Owner Of Avenra Garden Hotel As Expensive Cars Were Burned Outside

The expensive collection of cars burnt in the Avenra Garden Hotel made the news if Millionore Sachith De Silva could be arrested. However, there has been no such news published. 

Luxury vehicles at Avenra Garden Hotel in Negombo set fire, and some individuals were seen taking items in the Hotel away. Sachith De Silva is the director of the Hotel. 

However, many claims that the incident came into the light after the Srilankan recession took place recently, and it has links to the millionaires of Srilanka. 

Who Is The Owner Of Avenra Garden Hotel Sachith De Silva?

Sachit De Silva is the owner and director of Avenra Garden hotel. Srilankan people have speculated if Sachit could be arrested due to the car burning incident in Negombo. 

Meanwhile, there have been no reports of his arrest and involvement in setting up fire in his cars. The incident is neither reported fire accident nor intentional by anyone.

According to his Instagram and Facebook profile, he is fond of luxurious cars, including Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Moreover, the LinkedIn profile of Sachit De Silva discloses that he studied Hospitality Management diploma from William Angliss Institute from 2014 to 2016. 

Silva is a graduate of Marisstella College Negambo from 2002 to 2013. 

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Is Sachith De Silva Linked To Avenra Garden Hotel Car Burning Video?

Sachith De Silva Owns the Avenra Garden Hotel, which fumed in the limelight after a series of expensive-luxurious cars were burnt. 

However, there has been much speculation that the incident happened due to the recent Srilanka recession and local outrage. 

In the video, people are seen looting things from hotels as the cars burn aside. 

One of the Twitter users wrote, "The Avenra Garden Hotel, a luxury hotel owned by a PRO SLPP on Mirigama Road, Negombo, was completely burnt down by protesters, and the world's most expensive luxury vehicles were set on fire there."

Another Twitter user said, "Avenra Garden hotel and owners car collection including a Lamborghini and Limousine has been destroyed #lka #srilanka."

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Sachith De Silva Net Worth.

Sachit De Silva net worth is estimated at $10 million. His mansions and other porous business indicate he has a big lump of money. 

Silva is considered one of the youngest Millionaires of Srilanka who inherited the family business. 

His business profile suggests that he owns multiple hotel chains and restaurant businesses in Srilanka and abroad. 

He belongs to a Roman Catholic Sinhalese ethnic majority region and lives 30 km North of Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo.

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