Ryan Donaghy Net Worth, How Rich Is Deeno Founder?

Ryan Doraghy is the founder of Deeno
Ryan Doraghy is the founder of Deeno( Source : instagram )

Ryan Donaghy is the founder of a health tech hardware and software development company called Deeno, who has a net worth of $1 million.

He attended Alliance Manchester Business School and completed his bachelor's study in BSc(Hons) International Management and Finance in 2009. Similarly, he studied BCOM in Actuarial Studies and Finance at UNSW from 2002 to 2004.

He was born and raised in Leeds, England, and founded Deeno in February 2018. He is one of the up-and-coming businessmen in the United Kingdom.

Quick Facts About Ryan Donaghy

NameRyan Donaghy
ResidenceLeeds, England, United Kingdom
Alma MatterAlliance Manchester Business School
Net Worth$1 million

Ryan Donaghy's Net Worth In 2022 - How Rich Is He?

The Founder of Deeno, Ryan Donaghy, has a net worth of around $1 million.

He gathered this vast wealth thanks to his career in business in different companies along with Deeno. He worked in various countries and cities as an employee of Red Bull before founding his own company in February 2018.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he started his career as a Category Manager at ASDA Walmart. He was employed at ASDA from September 2009 to August 2010. He was an innovation manager who provided advice and influence on winning at the ‘First Moment of Truth’ to leading retail buyers and account managers.

Ryan Donaghy has a net worth of around $1 million
Ryan Donaghy has a net worth of around $1 million ( Source : instagram )

After that, he became a national account manager at Wilkinsons, managing a key account in a rapidly moving, team-oriented, entrepreneurial environment.

He was the recipient of different achievements during his one year at Wilkinsons. He got the Fast Growing Award by Homecare Portfolio Leader for negotiating the listing of Iams Pet food worth 1.5 million pounds of sales.

Similarly, he successfully managed the transition of Ambi Pur post-P&G acquisition and transformed it into a 10 million pound business in Wilkos. He delivered the best week record for Wilkos Cleaners during Spring Clean event. He also achieved several milestones while working at Wilkinsons.

He then entered Red Bull as a national account manager and worked his way up to the Area Trade Marketing and Key Accounts Manager position at the Sao Paulo office of Red Bull. Similarly, he was Head of Sales in the Mexico branch of Red Bull from January 2017 to December 2017.

Ryan is the current chief marketing officer of Fund Ourselves
Ryan is the current chief marketing officer of Fund Ourselves ( Source : instagram )

He founded Deeno in February 2018. It is a health tech hardware and online software development company. The company started with its first product, Deeno-saur, an innovative electric toothbrush and app for kids. It is an intelligent device connected to an analytical platform for parents and a fully integrated gamification for the kids, providing them with better brushing habits.

He left Deeno in March 2022 and became the Chief Marketing Officer at Fund Ourselves. He is responsible for all commercial, strategy, marketing, innovation, and company culture across various countries such as the UK, USA, and Egypt. Fund Ourselves is a financial technology company that provides a marketplace to offer affordable short-term consumer credit.

He must have received a lot of money working in various positions at different companies. He just started his Marketing officer journey at Fund Ourselves. Thus, his wealth is expected to rise even more in the coming years.

Who Is Ryan Donaghy's Girlfriend?

Ryan Donaghy is in a relationship with his girlfriend. However, he has not mentioned her name anywhere.

He has posted several pictures of her on his official Instagram handle, where the couple was seen enjoying their time together whenever possible.

Even though he has mentioned her name, he posted a birthday message on one of his Instagram posts. According to that, her birthday is July 21. Still, the UK-based businessman has not disclosed her exact date of birth and age.

There is no information regarding his lover's past life and family. He might be trying to protect the personal life of his girlfriend in order to maintain a healthy and normal relationship with her.

Ryan Donaghy's Family Background

He has not mentioned much about his family, but several pictures of his nephew are on his Instagram profile. 

He calls him wee man and celebrated his sixth birthday on November 8, 2022, meaning he will turn eight in November 2022. Similarly, he also has a grandmother with whom he shared a photo in September 2020.

Just like his girlfriend, he has kept his parents' information secret from the public and has not mentioned a single thing about them. They seem to be very discreet about their personal, not to have given a single piece of information about who they are or where they are now.

Ryan Donaghy's Journey On Creating T.Brush

Ryan Donaghy launched his new toothbrush for kids on National Toothbrush Day.

Ryan was 31 years old and was head of trade, marketing, and critical accounts for Red Bull in Brazil. He spent three years creating a prototype that would rejuvenate the dental routine. The toothbrush is called a t.brush and comes in seven different styles.

According to him, the toothbrush is more than 60 percent compact has its battery life is seventy percent longer. Similarly, it is more effective in removing plaque because of its oscillate and rotate technology.

Ryan oversaw the design team that invented the toothbrush and, at one point, collaborated with a Taiwanese engineering firm. He underwent a year of rigorous testing and is now prepared for production as soon as he receives the required financial support.

On Kickstarter, the largest platform for creative project funding in the world, he made his application for financial support. He said that his primary goal was to create a brush that is only a tiny portion in size than the typical rotation brushes but integrated with much more capability with amazing and different styles.

Some FAQs

What is Ryan Donaghy's net worth?

Ryan Donaghy has a net worth of around $1 million.

Where is Ryan Donaghy from?

Ryan Donaghy is from Leeds, England.

What is Ryan Donaghy famous for?

Ryan Donaghy is famous for fouding Deeno.

Is Ryan Donaghy single?

No, Ryan Donaghy is not single. He has a girlfriend.

What is Ryan Donaghy's profession?

Ryan Donaghy is the Chief Marketing Officer of Fund Ourselves.

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