Andrei Kolesnikov's cause of death is the ongoing warfare of Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. 

Social media discusses the loss of the third general of the Russian Army in the ongoing warfare. Putin has lost his three major generals within eight days, which is another blow to his unjustified and inhumane actions against Ukraine. 

General Andrei Kolesnikov Death Cause Revealed

Andrei Kolesnikov became the third Russian major general whose death was caused by warfare. He was the Major General of the 29th Combined Arms Army.

According to Business Insider, many journalists Friday claimed that unidentified Western authorities verified his death during Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Ukrainian forces have killed two more high Russian generals since the invasion. The number of casualties is higher on both sides, although the Russian government has not presented the real data regarding the loss of lives and injured soldiers.

The news has come by just after four days of the killing of Major General Vitaly Gerasimov. As a result of the huge casualties, it is said that the Russian military force is being forced to march to the front because they are either unable to make their own judgments or are afraid of advancing forward, writes Daily Mail. 

There are said to be 20 Russian generals involved in the invasion, resulting in the loss of 173 tanks, 12 planes, and 345 troop modes of transport. Thus, many said that Putin probably missed because Ukrainian would resist his sinful actions against their homeland. 

Nevertheless, everyone is praying for this inhumane war to end and hopes that the issue can be solved peacefully. 

Major General Andrei Kolesnikov Obituary

An official obituary notice of Major General Andrei Kolesnikove has not been released yet. However, the Ukrainian telegram group close to the defense ministry confirmed the death news of the Russian general.

The Russians are, however, yet to release the news. Thus, it is still unofficial news that is yet to be announced formally. 

Nevertheless, the loss of major general for Russia is taking a toll on its forces, as per the reports. Therefore, many wish that Russia could end the war and accept defeat as they are losing their generals one by one.

Explore The Age And Wikipedia Of Andrei Kolesnikov

Andrei Kolesnikov's age and Wikipedia details are yet to be shared on social media. However, he is said to be the Major General of the 29th Combined Arms Army.

Additionally, sources also claim that his death was confirmed by Anton Gerashchenko, who is an adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Anton Gerashchenko. 

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Who Is Andrei Kolesnikov Family?

Andrei Kolesnikov's family history and information are currently unavailable. The media outlets are yet to share details of the news. 

Since it is an unofficial statement that he is dead, the news sources are waiting for the official confirmation. 

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