How old is Rudy Pankow girlfriend? Rudy girlfriend Elaine Siemek is 27 years old (21 November 1995). 

For her 27th birthday, Rudy threw her a party, and Siemek took to Instagram to show how grateful she was for his act. Born on the 21st of November, her astrological sign is Scorpio, known for its strong and persistent trait.

On the other hand, Pankow was welcomed by his parents Penny and Andrew Pankow on 12 August 1998 in Ketchikan, Alaska. He debuted with a short movie named 'Nobody Knows' in 2017. In the movie, he played Abe Wooldridge.

His upcoming projects are '5lbs of Pressure', 'Chocolate Lizards', and 'The Crusades' as per IMDB. Starring in Outer Banks made him popular among the youth. 

Elaine Siemek Age

Elaine Siemek age is 27 years old. Elaine graduated from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill at twenty three.

Rudy shared five monochromatic pictures of her and them together in 2021 as a birthday tribute to his girl who turned 26 and expressed his love. "Don’t know how I lucked out with being alive at the same time as you!", he captioned the pic.

Even Siemek had wished him his 23rd birthday publicly. She wrote, "To infinity & beyond - happy birthday I love you so much" with a heart emoji.

Happy and grateful Elaine celebrated the last day as a 22 year old girl in Joshua Tree National Park
Source : instagram

Elaine is a Social Media Star and Photographer

Siemek has established herself as one of the leading Instagram influencers. Her first post on the photo-sharing platform dates back to 2014 when she was 19. 

She is known by more than 466000 people on the internet as @elameeeee. Through her website embedded in her handle, it is clear that she is a film photographer. 

Further, it is known that it uses professional SLR and TLR cameras, as well as Polaroids and Super 8s to capture beautiful moments. Those who go through her profile will be enchanted by the sheer beauty of her captures.

The talented photographer is an additional crew at the teen series Outer Banks where her boyfriend is one of the lead actors. When she joined the show as an assistant to Jonas Pate, the creator and executive producer she was 25.

Elaine does not miss a chance to flaunt the snaps of the show's stars taken by her. She spends much time with the cast and crew and shares a friendly bond with most of them.

Dating Timeline

Rudy Pankow and Elaine Siemek have been dating since November 2020. The couple has enjoyed more than 2 years of a blissful relationship.

They keep their romance private but occasionally give their fans a glimpse into their love life through social media. On Tiktok, Elaine sometimes uploads cute videos of them living in the moment.

2019: The Couple Met on the Sets of Outer Banks

Little did Rudy know that he would meet his soulmate when he landed a role in the teen drama. The aspiring actor met Siemek at the filming location of the Netflix show.

Both have been associated with Outer Banks since 2020 and continue to do so. Elaine regularly posts images from the set, which gives a vintage vibe.

On 10 October 2019, she mentioned her love for the cast and crew of the show and wrote that they were her family for life.

Siemek on the sets of Outer Bank with stunt double of JJ, a character on the drama
Source : instagram

2020: The Couple Acted Together in a Short Film

On the 13th of February, Siemek posted a few pics with her boyfriend and Drew Starkey, and thanked Alyssa Toledo for casting them together for her short film named 'Virgo'. 

That was her first acting gig, but instead of getting involved with more projects, she declared that she will stick behind the scenes. 'Virgo' was shot in Pismo Beach, California.

December 2020: The Lovebirds Celebrated the Holidays Together

Rudy and Elaine observed their first Holiday as a couple in December 2020. They went 3000 feet above to mark the occasion.

On the 29th of December, Elaine shared a series of videos and photos that were taken that day. The two enjoyed the beauty and quietness of winter at a considerable height filled with snow.

In one picture, Rudy can be seen kissing his girl. They are total #relationshipgoals.

June 2021: Siemek and Pankow Vacationed in Chicago, Illinois

Siemek gave us a peek into their love on Instagram as she posted adorable snaps of them from Chicago, Illinois. They enjoyed the art of Van Gogh and Salvador Dalí. 

Besides that, they enjoyed the beauty of fireworks and kissed as they sat by a river surrounded by illuminated skyscrapers.

September 2022: Visit to Paraggi Portofino

As autumn started, the young lovers vacationed in Italy. Camogli Village in Italy was their first destination in the European country. 

They can be seen diving together in the river and enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the place. Also, they had a fun time at the crystal clear Paraggi beach in Portofino.

The lovebirds take a mirror selfie with Siemek looking gorgeous in a red dress while her beau donned a suit in as they had a fun night full of dancing in September 2021 in New York City
Source : instagram

February 2023: The duo went on a Trip to Moorea, French Polynesia

To commemorate the month of love, Pankow and Siemek visited Moorea, a volcanic island in French Polynesia, reputed for its marine life.

Siemek uploaded a series of videos and images that month. They relished the island, surrounded by greens, and drove a boat as well. "Moving photos from Mo’orea - I love the little stories these tell", declared the post.

Some lovely moments when Pankow was Captured Through the Lens of Siemek

  • On the 9th of June 2020 Elaine captioned, "Stay bein proud of the photos I take" and shared yet another headshot of her man.
  • Similarly, on the 13th of August, that same year she wrote 'Cheers' and uploaded a snap of Pankow, as he posed dramatically on the trunk of a cut-down tree.
  • On the 1st of March in 2023, Rudy shared some cool pictures snapped by Elaine on the shooting set and he tagged her.
  • Likewise, on the 14th of the same month, Siemek posted a few photographs of her beloved, and Rudy appreciated her skills through the comment 'well damn' with fire emoji.
  • That year, on the 12th of May, Siemek uploaded a picturesque shot of Pankow and noted, "film just HITS different". In the picture, Rudy is walking through the woods, and it's dark,  snowy, and seems mystical.

Who Plays JJ In Outer Banks?

Rudy Pankow plays JJ in Outer Banks. The American actor honed his acting skills by joining classes in 2016.

John J. Maybank a.k.a JJ is one of the leading teens in the Netflix series. Rudy has successfully portrayed JJ as one of the best surfers and a loyal friend in the group. 

Coming from a broken home, JJ is notoriously known for his quick temper and outlandish and violent behavior. 

Official Trailer of Outer Banks 2 ( Source : youtube )

Before bagging the role of JJ, Rudy appeared in many other projects. With around 15 acting credits, Mystic has spent around 6 years in the film industry. 

His movies and TV shows are 'Space Waves', 'Lift Off', 'Solve', 'Uncharted', 'Acting for a Cause', and a few others. But all the credit for his stardom goes to 'Outer Banks'.

The action-adventure-packed Outer Banks first came out in 2020. Created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke, it became a huge hit in no time.

The fourth season of the teen thriller is all set to air in 2024 with the previous cast members.