Round face haircut that is trendy and appealing to many includes lob cut with wispy bangs, sleek long bob, high ponytail with bangs and more. Try these styles to transform your appearance.

Women with round facial features can choose from a range of hairstyles that help to create a more sculpted look. The selection of hair length, textures and layers can further elevate your overall look. 

1. Lob Cut With Wispy Bangs

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Lob Cut with Wispy Bangs is a chic and versatile hairstyle that effortlessly combines a long bob (Lob) with soft, wispy bangs. The bangs create an illusion of elongation, balancing facial proportions and accentuating the features of the ladies with round faces.

On the top, you will get yourself a fresh and stylish look by opting for this haircut. The hair typically grazes the shoulders to promote a modern and youthful aesthetic.

2. Sleek Long Bob

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The sleek long bob haircut is a versatile and face-flattering haircut that exudes modern sophistication. The hair is typically cut to a medium length with a blunt and even finish which gives a touch of elegance.

The striking feature of this haircut is its smooth, straight texture which is achieved through flat iron styling for a polished look. This adds an appeal that is timeless and fashionable.

3. High Ponytail With Bangs

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The High Ponytail With Bangs is a flattering haircut for ladies with round faces because the placement of the ponytail elongates the appearance of the face to give an impression of added height. This is a stylish choice for fashion enthusiasts.

The sleekness of the ponytail exudes a polished vibe while the bangs inject a dose of freshness and charisma to the overall look. As a result, you will get a style that is youthful and trendy and goes well with almost any formal event.

4. Long Hair with Face Framing Layers

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The Long Hair with Face Framing Layers haircut is a sophisticated style that effortlessly combines length with strategic layers to enhance facial features. Long strands are maintained while layers are incorporated around the face.

The face-framing layers are strategically placed to create a flattering and softening effect that draws attention to the eyes, cheekbones, and jawline. A touch of asymmetry complements the round structure of the face and gives an impression of length and slenderness.

5. Long Hair With A Money Piece

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The Money Piece is a section of hair that frames the faces and is usually colored in a bold and contrasting hue to the locks. This creative addition complements the facial features of an individual by providing extra length.

The bold coloring acts as a focal point that diverts attention from the round face shape and adds a modern edge to the overall look. This style can be personalized by using a range of colors from vibrant blues and pinks to more subtle caramel or blonde tones.

6. Textured Long Bob

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If you want to add a sense of relaxed and lived-in vibe to your overall look that draws attention from certain facial features, the Textured Long Bob haircut is the one to try. This hairdo maintains a perfect balance between short and long hair texture.

The textured layers add vertical lines that make an individual's face look longer and slimmer while the addition of soft waves or curls provides further framing. This draws the attention away from the roundness of the face and adds a touch of femininity.

7. Lob With Side Bangs

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The hair grazing the shoulders in the Lob With Side Bangs haircut adds a playful and dynamic element to your look. The long bob frames the face and the incorporation of the sweeping bangs softens the overall appearance.

This trendy side bangs haircut suits different hair textures whether straight, wavy, or curly and it be adapted to different densities. The flattering asymmetry of the side bangs draws attention to the eyes and cheekbones diverting from the roundness of the face.

8. Balayage Layers With A Middle Part

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The balayage layers work wonders by adding vertical lines while the center partition of the hair helps to add an impression of length and slimness to the round face. As a result, you get a balanced look with a natural sun-kissed effect.

This hairdo seamlessly blends artistry and functionality where the balayage layers create a soft transition between different shades and the middle part enhances facial symmetry. The cascading layers frame the face in a flattering manner.

9. Long Hair With Curtain Bangs

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Do you have a round facial structure but want to wear a hairstyle that has a Bohemian chic vibe? If yes, then the answer to your query is the Long Hair With Curtain Bangs haircut that combines flowing locks with soft, face-framing bangs.

Long hair with curtain bangs is also among the best volumizing haircuts that work beautifully to add more dimension and movement to your hair. The bangs elegantly drape around the face which also gives you a flattering and fashionable look.

10. Soft Curls with Side Bangs

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Soft Curls with Side Bangs is a timeless haircut that has an elegant touch of feminine quality in it and goes well with round round-shaped face. The cascading curls frame the face to create a soft and romantic look.

The soft curls add a touch of glamour while the side bangs bring a chic and contemporary vibe to your overall look. The bounciness of the curls combines with the bangs to maintain symmetry and balance of the face.

11. Pixie With Textured Undercut

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For the ladies with a round-shaped face who are a great admirer of pixie cuts, you can add a contemporary twist and elevate your entire look. This edgy yet feminine cut combines the classic pixie with a textured undercut that results in a dynamic look.

This unique undercut haircut has cropped hair on the sides and back while the top layer is left longer and textured for a playful and tousled appearance. If you want to make a bold fashion statement, this is the best pick.

12. Shaggy Wolf Cut with Layers

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The Shaggy Wolf Cut with Layers haircut is a great choice for a trendy appearance that effortlessly blends an edgy and wild vibe with a touch of sophistication. The layers provide a tousled appearance reminiscent of a wolf's untamed mane.

This hairdo is a must-try for women with round faces because the shaggy nature of the cut draws all the attention. This bold style adds a touch of rebellious charm to your look while also maintaining a feminine and contemporary appeal.

13. Blunt Lob With Curtain Bangs

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The Blunt Lob With Curtain Bangs haircut is a popular choice among women who are seeking a chic and contemporary hairdo. The seamless pairing of a long bob and soft curtain bangs frame the face delicately and add timeless elegance.

The bangs are skillfully crafted to fall gracefully on either side of the face which works wonderfully to accentuate your facial features. The blunt lob adds structure and balance providing a sleek and polished look.

14. Long Hair With Bombshell Waves

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The Long Hair With Bombshell Waves haircut is a go-to option for those who seek something that emits a luxurious vibe. This hairstyle involves multiple steps where the hair is layered, waves are added and loose-flowing curls are created.

This is a perfect haircut for a round chubby face because the beautiful cascading waves help to elongate the face and create an illusion of a more oval shape. The soft curls further soften the features, adding a touch of femininity.

15. Lob With Swoopy Fringe

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Create a flattering silhouette for yourself by opting for the Lob With Swoopy Fringe haircut and elevate your overall look. This technique involves cutting hair to shoulder length and adding swoopy fringe to add a touch of whimsy.

The most unique feature of this lob haircut is the carefully crafted swooping bang that drapes across the forehead, framing the face delicately. This addition helps you to maintain a relaxed yet polished finish.

16. Razor Shag With Bangs

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The Razor Shag With Bangs haircut has the quality to blend modern chic with a hint of retro cool to give the wearer an edgy look. This texture is created using a razor-cutting technique that gives it its distinctive tousled appearance.

Women with a round face and a unique fashion sense will love this hairdo because it draws attention to the eyes and cheekbones. Above all, it offers a contemporary and bold aesthetic that can be tailored to individual preferences.

17. Mullet With Shaggy Layers

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The Mullet With Shaggy Layers haircut combines the classic mullet with modern shaggy layers that exude a bold and rebellious vibe. The shorter front and sides help to elongate the face while the longer layers in the back add volume.

This hairdo has the best of both worlds, mullets and shag, which are incorporated skillfully to create a playful and carefree feel. The shaggy layers contribute to a soft and flattering frame around the face which also has a touch of rock-and-roll flair.

18. Lob With Messy Texture

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By adding intentional messiness in a lob cut, you will get a style that combines sophistication with a touch of edginess. The Lob with Messy Texture haircut is particularly flattering for women with round faces due to its face-framing qualities.

If you are looking for something cool then this is the best option to go with since this hairdo offers a harmonious balance between sophistication and casual flair. The longer front pieces create the illusion of an elongated face while the messy texture adds volume and movement.

19. Top Knot Bun With Bangs

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The Top Knot Bun With Bangs haircut is set apart from other hairstyles by the tight and well-structured bun coupled with tailored bangs. This trendy and versatile hairdo effortlessly blends chic and playful elements.

The hair is typically gathered into a high ponytail and secured with a hair tie and then twisted around the base to form a bun. The high bun adds height that creates an impression of an elongated silhouette and offers a balanced look.

20. Messy Updo With High Bun

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The Messy Updo with High Bun is a chic hairstyle that combines the elegance of a high bun with a touch of undone. The beauty of this haircut lies in its ability to maintain a sense of messiness by allowing loose strands to frame the face.

This hairdo has a special appeal to women with round faces because of the loose strands that soften the contours and complement the facial features. This trendy style goes well with various events and parties.

Notable Facial Features Of A Round Face

  • Soft Jawline
  • Full Cheeks
  • Soft Chin
  • Wide Forehead
  • Short Face Length

Suitable Hairstyle Choices For A Round Face

  • Layers and Textures
  • Side-Swept Bangs
  • Asymmetrical Cuts
  • Pixie Cut
  • Longer Lengths