Ron Rudin Murder Update 2022? Where Is Margaret Rudin Now

The murder case against Margaret Rudin has been vacated in May 2022. ( Source : Reviewjournal )

Margaret Rudin was released on parole in 2020 after serving a 20 years sentence in 2001. Her murder conviction was recently vacated in May 2022 by a judge. 

The incident occurred in 1994, and after a lengthy investigation, Margaret was arrested in 1999. Her only daughter is very supportive of her and pleads for her innocence. Margaret plans to move closer to her daughter as soon as she can.

Both Margaret and Ronald Rudin were married five times. Their case was documented in a February 2021 episode of 20/20 titled "Five Weddings and a Murder." Read further to know about the case and the current whereabouts of Margaret Rudin.

Ron Rudin Murder Update 2022- Where Is His Wife Margaret Rudin Now?

Margaret Rudin, aka Black Widow, is currently free after serving her 20 years of a prison sentence for the murder of her husband Ronald "Ron" Rudin. A judge vacated the murder conviction in May 2022.

The court released Margaret Rudin on parole in January 2020. Rudin recently gave an interview to David Charns of 8 News Now I-Team in which she maintains her innocence and talks about having a better attorney would help with the case. 

Rudin further said that she is writing books about the case and shed a light on her plea for innocence. She recalled how her husband would cheat her for other women and had hundreds of guns in his now-demolished mansion.

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Margaret was dubbed as Black Widow by the media during her 10-week prosecution trial after they believed that she had done the misdeeds to get her husband's multi-million dollar fortune.

Margaret Rudin pleaded her innocence in a recent interview with 8 News Now.
Margaret Rudin pleaded her innocence in a recent interview with 8 News Now. ( Source : 8Newsnow )

Margaret Rudin Family And Children Details

Margaret Rudin is the mother of Kristina Mason, who is her only child. Despite five marriages, Margaret had only a daughter with her first husband, Gerald Mason.

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Kristina currently goes by the name Tina and is a mother and a grandmother herself. She resides in a village in Beach Park, Illinois. Margaret wanted to relocate to Illinois as soon as possible to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren.

The Black Widow's daughter Kristina is one of the vocal supporters of her mother. She believed that her mother was wrongfully accused and believed in her innocence.

Margaret wants to move to Illinois to be closer with her daughter.
Margaret wants to move to Illinois to be closer with her daughter. ( Source : Lawandcrime )

A Closer Look At The Murder Of A Millionaire

Millionaire Las Vegas real estate mogul Ron Rudin was killed in 1994, and his charred, dismembered remains were found along with the burnt remains of an antique steamer trunk near Lake Mojave.

Ron had been shot at least four times in the head with a .22 caliber gun. After a search of the Rudin residence, Police found blood spatter in the bedroom and semen on the floor, which was removed. The gun was found later in Lake Mead and was confirmed to be the murder weapon. Ron Rudin had reported that the gun had been missing since 1988, shortly after his marriage to Margaret.

Margaret Rudin was indicted by a grand jury in 1997, and she was arrested in November 1999 in Massachusetts. In 2001, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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