RIP: How Did Pallabi Dey Take Her Own Life? Suicide Linked To Her Death

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Pallabi Dey was an actress who has been found dead in her flat, and her death is believed to be a suicide case.

The actress Pallabi Dey is known for her work in the tv serial Ami sirajer begum and had worked in the serial for nearly one year. She was working as the female lead on the tv series called Mon Mane Na.

Her death news was a surprise and has brought sadness to her fans and loved ones. Police are doing further investigation into her death case. 

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Pallabi Dey Death Cause Was Suicide- RIP posts flooding the net

Pallabi Dey was a Bengali actress known for her works in various tv serials. She was found dead by hanging on the fan in her flat, and her death cause was assumed to be suicide.

But further investigations are done by the Police officers to know whether she died due to suicide or if someone influenced her to kill herself. Her body is undergoing post-mortem, and the reports will put the light back on the case.

She was seen active on her Instagram feed a day ago as she posted a video in which she was lip-syncing. Similarly, she was active on Instagram 13 hrs ago as she had posted a story of her friend on her Instagram story.

Her death news came as a shock to many people and to her so-star Anamitra Batabyal too. He shared that he had shot with Pallavi two days back on May 12 and was in utter shock to hear the news and still he can't believe it.

How Old Is Pallabi Dey Age?

Pallabi Dey seems to be 20-30 years of age but her exact birth date was not shared by the actress.

She has been active in the entertainment industry since 2017.

She was known for her role in the tv serial Resham Jhanpi then she was seen in the TV project, Ami Sirajer Begum.

Dey was currently in talks for the role as a female role in Mon Mane Na. She was working along with the star Samm Bhattacharya as the male lead.

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Who was Pallabi Dey's Boyfriend's Name?

Pallabi Dey is rumored to be living in the flat with her boyfriend, and it was him that found her dead in the flat but the name of her partner is  unrevelead for now.

He might be involved in the investigation of Pallabi deaths. But for now, he seems to have remained away from the limleight. Pallabi was active on the social media platform Instagram.

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