Rina Lipa - Dua Lipa's Sister Is 21-Years-Old Now - Photos

Rina Lipa is the younger sister of singer Dua Lipa ( Source : Cuba )

Rina Lipa is the sister of English singer and songwriter Dua Lipa.

But unlike Dua, whose number-one singles helped her earn $26 million in 2020, Rina is more interested in acting.

Rina, an Albanian-Kosovar child, raised in London, has posed for Nasty Gal.

Who Is Rina Lipa - Dua Lipa's Sister? Age And Instagram Photos

The lookalike younger sister of pop singer Dua Lipa is posing a threat to her stardom across the globe.

Modeling beauty Rina has been called an It Girl after working with some of the world's top fashion brands.

Supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid are among her celebrity friends, which has led some to compare the Lipas to the well-connected showbiz family, the Kardashians.

Rina acknowledges that since they were young, she has "worshipped" Dua.

Model and Actress Rina Lupa is 21 years old
Model and Actress Rina Lupa is 21 years old( Source : Elcolectivo )

"I would strive to dress like her, and I would steal her clothes, she declared. They made me feel older when I wore them. That is still the case. I check her wardrobe and remark, Hmm, you haven't worn that in a while." Oh God, please bring that back, she says.

However, Rina is now establishing her look and a name for herself as a Generation Z influencer.

She calls her ensembles "extra," or over the top, and companies like Prada and Nasty Gal have been vying for her endorsement.

Alongside Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams, Rina made her catwalk debut at Milan Fashion Week in February 2021 for upmarket Italian streetwear brand GCDS.

Before becoming famous for her music, her older sister was a model.

But unlike Dua, whose number-one singles helped her earn $26 million in 2020, Rina is more interested in acting.

While pursuing her A-Level, Rina took weekend classes at Sylvia Young Theatre School, educating Spice Girl Emma Bunton and Nineties pop singers Billie Piper and Louise Redknapp.

Additionally, Rina has been cast in a horror thriller made by Italian director Gianluigi Carella.

"It's my first significant project," she said. "I'd appeared before many incredible casting directors, but now it's happening."

Even though they are rarely together, Rina claims that Dua and she FaceTime all the time about everything.

"When she's here, we simply relax on the couch and do sister time," she added.

Bella and Gigi Hadid are some of their celebrity friends of Rina. The sisters frequently visit the Hadids with their brother Gjin, a budding music producer.

However, Rina maintains her groundedness despite leading a lavish life. She spent her birthday at Soho Farmhouse with old school pals who knew her before she became famous. She currently lives in a shared home in London.

She even spent lockdown with her "best friend" Dua, who she claims she hadn't seen in "God knows how long," at her parents' house in Kilburn, north London.

According to Rina, they still have to help set the table and do the dishes when they get home.

Rina is an aspiring and talented model who achieved stardom at just the age of 21.

Rina has over 948,000 followers on Instagram and frequently posts pictures showcasing her personal and professional life.

Where Is Rina Lipa Now?

Model Rina has collaborated with some of the greatest names in fashion.

She is also pursuing a successful acting career. Despite everything, Rina's social media following is expanding quickly; it will be some time before she catches up to her older sister.

During Milan Fashion Week, Rina launched the GCDS Fall 2021 runway show in February 2021.

She made her runway debut for the play in an emerald green mini dress with side cutouts. Dua posted a video of Rina on Instagram to show support for her younger sister.

Recently, she acknowledged visiting the Sunny Hill festival in Pristina in a photo she posted on her Instagram account.

What Is Rina Lipa's Profession?

English model, dancer, and aspiring actress Rina Lipa is best known as the younger sister of pop star Dua Lipa.

Lipa showed her passion for acting and dancing as a child. Her parents supported her in pursuing her dream, and she finally became an expert in ballet and contemporary dance.

She finished her degree while also taking acting classes. Lipa had been in several ads by the time she was in her teens.

Later, she contributed to numerous UK-wide campaigns and advertising, and in 2014, she was given the "Jack Petchey Award."

She also obtained a contract with a label that supported her fusion line. She served as a campaign model as well.

She is slowly getting close to achieving the fame and the followers her sister has now. She is working relentlessly to get to that position.

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