Here's Why ‘Reverse AI Filter’ Is Trending On TikTok - How To Participate In The Trend?

Reverse AI Filter Trending On TikTok
Reverse AI Filter Trending On TikTok( Source : officialroms )

The 'Reverse AI Filter' is a famous and trending effect on a site called TikTok.

This week, a new TikTok filter became viral when users of the well-known video-sharing app learned how to instantly turn their photos into artistic renditions, known as the Reverse AI Filter.

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is rapidly gaining popularity. Our voice assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, most frequently utilize it to offer personalized search recommendations. New applications for AI are constantly being investigated, and websites that produce AI artwork are becoming increasingly popular.

The TikTok version takes a user's unedited version. It transforms it into something hardly recognizable while maintaining some original parts and putting them in a fantasy-inspired artwork.

The truth is that there is no way to undo an AI filter on TikTok, but uploading delicate photographs can be perilous in the first place. There are many ways for people to create art, and AI art is beautiful.

What Is The 'Reverse Ai Art Filter' On TikTok? 

The unsettling Reverse AI Filter trend on TikTok is changing the types of video individuals utilize as the foundation for their art.

Users who uploaded sensual content concealed behind an AI filter started to worry after someone suggested that it might be possible to reverse the filter. The majority of worries can be alleviated with a fast Google search because the filtration that affects the actual image cannot be changed.

Magic After Using The Reverse AI Filter
Magic After Using The Reverse AI Filter ( Source : newsweek )

However, because the reverse AI filter has been disproven, it has become a meme. Going to guess what is lurking beneath the distortion is part of the meme. In September 2022, TikTok users posted about using the filter on their lock screens, which led to the filter becoming well-known.

TikTok stars shared that their spouses would get upset because their lock screen didn't feature a photo of them when, in reality, it WAS a picture of them that had been given a quirky filter. 

In one incident, a TikToker by the name of kainenovak uploaded a clip in early November 2022 with an AI Art filter nude, and it gained around 4.1 million views and 547,200 likes in just four days.

As more people used the AI art filter to mask their explicit photographs, many started to question whether the process might be reversed.

As users collaborate to find the intimate image in the posts, the activity has become a game for some people. Fortunately for individuals who posted their explicit photos online, it appears unable to undo an AI art filter on TikTok, according to sources.

Users have been advised to use caution because applying the art filter to one of their more graphic photographs doesn't guarantee safety. When you submit your photograph to a server, where it may be hacked, you're using the filter, a tech expert once stated.

Although viewers won't reverse these photographs, they can nonetheless be dangerous. Meanwhile, other people have used the filter in a more PG manner. Some people have converted pictures of loved ones, their favorite songs' lyrics, or even random words.

How To Participate In The Reverse Ai Art Filter Trend?

Participating in the 'Reverse Ai Art Filter is quite easy.' You can experiment with the AI filter on your images in just a few simple steps.

People Using The Reverse AI Filter
People Using The Reverse AI Filter ( Source : knowyourmeme )

The first step in creating a post on TikTok is to click the plus sign. Next, click the "Effects" icon towards the left of the red record button. Third, search for a practical and select "AI Art." Finally, press the impact and follow the on-screen instructions to turn your photo into an AI artwork.

Users are checking out the new function on the app with a variety of photographs, albeit not all of them are especially kid-friendly. To misrepresent the genuine underlying image, some individuals submit nudes with a filter applied on top.

Some users have speculated that it would be able to undo the AI filter effect once it has become popular.

Although there is no proof that other users may undo the effect on another individual's image without connection to the original image, it is always vital to keep in mind that publishing content online carries a certain amount of danger.

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