The love story of Remedios Nable José and Gregorio del Pilar is heard by many. Some historians have been saying that Nable José and Gregorio got married and were pronounced husband and wife. But some say they did not because their wedding got postponed. Is Gregorio del Pilar her husband? Let's find out. 

If you are not from the Philippines, then you have probably not heard the story of Remedios Nable José and Gregorio del Pilar. 

Their story dates back to the 1800s, a young Filipino general of the Philippine Revolutionary Army, Gregorio, fell in love with a girl named Remedios or Dolores.

There was confusion regarding Remedios and Dolores. They are the same person.  

Even a movie has been made about their love life. You can find the movie on Netflix, the name of the film is "Goyo: The Boy General."

Remedios Nable José Husband Gregorio del Pilar 

Gregorio del Pilar was one of the youngest generals in the Revolutionary Army during the Philippine–American War.

He was known for the multiple successful assaults on the Spanish barracks in the municipality of Paombong. 

Who is Remedios Nable José? Wikipedia 

Remedios Nable José's details on Wikipedia could not be found. However, her lover Gregorio has a biography written on their page. 

is the daughter of Don Mariano Nable José and Doña Paz Borja from Dagupan. Her family is originally from 

Don Mariano was described to be at the top of the local elite and was even part of the Malolos Congress.

 A prominent Chinese mestizo businessman specializes in the shipping trade like most flourishing merchants of Dagupan at the time. They had three other siblings: Feliciano, Rocio, and Mariano Jr., Their family, could be said to be one of the richest in Dagupan.