Inside Relationship Timeline Of Jeffrey Rosen And His Wife Kathleen Nichols Rosen

Jeffrey Rosen has initially started his career as a Adjunct Professor at a university then later in to a government job.
Jeffrey Rosen has initially started his career as a Adjunct Professor at a university then later in to a government job.( Source : americansecuritytoday )

Jeffrey Adam Rosen, an American lawyer, has served as Deputy Secretary of Transportation. Likewise, he has also partaken in the role of Deputy Attorney General.

The politician has built a career specializing in managing complex, confidential, and sensitive matters with his demonstrated history of past service on the global management committee of one of the world's leading law firms. The former Acting Attorney General has worked in the public and private sectors and in executive leadership roles. Likewise, he has decades of experience in these posts.

Jeffrey Rosen recently came to public attention after he and his former deputy Richard Donoghue described how Trump tried to get the Department of Justice to seize voting machines in late 2020. He also recalled telling former President Trump about pressing false claims of election fraud. 

Furthermore, he testified before the January 6 committee that through virtual calls and meetings, the former President Donald Trump used to pressure the Justice Department to take action on his false election fraud claims.

Who Is Jeffrey Rosen's Wife Kathleen Nichols Rosen?

Jeffrey Rosen's wife, Kathleen Nichols Rosen, is a 62-year-old doctor, specifically a former physician.

She has retired and is currently involved as a housewife, caretaker, and support system for her family, including her partner and kids. As believed, she is a native of Cleveland, Ohio.

According to The Sun, Jeffrey resides with his better half Kathleen in their home in McLean, Virginia. And they have lived there ever since 1992.

It seems Kathleen prefers to keep her relationship low-profile and has also limited her public appearances. Thus, the information about her is limitedly explored in the virtual platforms.

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Jeffrey Rosen along with Richard Donoghue testified before the January 6 House committee on Thursday, against Donald Trump.
Jeffrey Rosen along with Richard Donoghue testified before the January 6 House committee on Thursday, against Donald Trump.( Source : facebook )

Jeffrey Adam Rosen Relationship Timeline- Jeffrey Adam Rosen Age Gap With Partner

Jeffrey Adam Rosen and his wife, Mrs. Rosen, have been married for more than 35 years and have maintained their relationship intact. 

The Harvard Law school alum has never publicized his wedding information and relationship timeline on the web. We can only say that his partner Kathleen might have played an important part during his career. 

Their three decades of relationship have been maintained this long thanks to the couple's unwavering love, respect, trust, and support for each other.

More On Jeffrey Adam Rosen Children And Family

Jeffrey Adam Rosen shares three adult children with his wife, Kathleen. Though he maintains a low profile about his family details, he spoke about his wife and three adult children during the confirmation hearing in March of 2017.

Well, it is found that he parents two eldest daughters and one younger son. His eldest daughter is named Anne Rebecca Rosen, who reportedly lives in New York City, and his second daughter Sally Amanda Rosen is in Colorado.

Aside from his family of five, Jeffrey's family also consisted of his close kins, his parents, Morrie Rosen and Harlene Rosen.

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