Reddit Girl Roastme Trend Goes Viral On Social Media -What Does It Mean?

Niece Waidhoifer, an Instagram sensation, begged to be roasted on Reddit and then canceled her profile after being heavily trolled.

Niece Waidhoifer, an Instagram model uploaded a photo of herself with the sign "r/Roast Me" because evidently being a woman on the web isn't hard enough.

Her profile was deactivated, which just made the remarks harsher. A subreddit lurks in a bizarre little corner of the internet where individuals ask others to say hurtful things about them. 

Because the commentators do not even know the posting well enough to make personality insults, the posters nearly always roasted them solely on the basis of their looks.

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Reddit Girl Roastme Trend Goes Viral On Social Media: What Does It Mean?

Niece Waidhofer, a Reddit girl, posted a selfie to the site with the caption Fuck it, and it's correct to conclude she wasn't expecting the subsequent violent and sexist reaction.

/r/roastme, a Reddit site dedicated to the cruel art of roasting, is undoubtedly familiar to most people.

The concept is simple where a sadistic member of the general public posts a photo of themselves along with a bit of paper commanding the web to launch a barrage of personal attacks at them.

The purpose of the subreddit is to provide amusing and cutting private witticisms in the manner of comedy roasts on television, but Niece's post swiftly became dark, prompting the model to remove her profile.

The internet can be a nasty place, and many of us try to stay away from it as much as practicable. However, some individuals go out of their way to attract out unpleasantness, and things can get vicious.

Reddit Girl Roastme Post And Videos On Twitter

The Roastme trend post made by Reddit girl Niece has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit. 

Having 958 thousand Instagram followers, Waidhoifer must be well aware of the mean-spirited, nasty language that circulates in the web's comments threads.

Because most of the people in the group were not well-known, most individuals have normally roasted her based on their looks. There was no way to gauge her character.

A bold woman with blazing red hair and glasses also posted a picture of herself, requesting that the thread roast her. Insults flooded in almost immediately, with unpleasant words thrown toward the woman in the photo.

Learn More About The Roastme trend

Members of Reddit's internet viral forum have started a thread called RoastMe, in which users share pictures of themselves with a sign giving access to roast them.

People on Reddit are urged to insult them and criticize them based on their appearance. Some people are simply fat slobs for torture, and a bunch of strangers has taken it to a different extreme.

Although some of the remarks are witty and sarcastic, others are more intimate, focusing on the user's appearance, facial expression, sexuality, and color.

The trend appears to be a shady justification and venue for harassment.

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