R'Bonney Gabriel is born to parents Remigio Bonzon Gabriel and Dana Walker. R'Bonney Gabriel father is Filipino, while her mother is American.

She has represented the United States in Miss Universe 2022 beauty pageant, becoming the first Filipino-American to be crowned Miss USA. Her passion for pageants and fashion design has made her family very proud.

She must have inherited her love of fashion from her father, who enjoys dressing up, as she did.

R'Bonney Gabriel Father Remigio Bonzon Gabriel And Mother Dana Walker

R'Bonney Gabriel is born to Remigio Bonzon and Dana Walker in Texas. Remigio and Dana were by her side when she won Miss USA 2022 in October in Reno, Nevada.

She proudly wore Filipina-inspired national costumes to the Miss USA stage and became the first Philipino American to be crowned Miss USA.

R'Bonney father and mother attending Miss USA 2022 event at Nevada
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She admitted that she made the dress as an homage to her ancestry and parents. She mentioned that her father is from the Philippines, and her mother is from Beaumont, Texas.

She hand-painted the same floral pattern on her mother's wedding dress onto her sleeves and tied her collar in the Maria Clara style. 

R'Bonney expressed how grateful she is for the opportunities her parents gave her. And this gesture was an effort to show them how much she loved them, she wrote in a social media post.

Miss USA 2022 R'Bonney will be representing the United States at Miss Universe 2022 on January 14, 2023.

Remigio Bonzon Gabriel Immigrated To Washington When He Was 19 Years Old

Remigio Bonzon Gabriel is originally from Manila, Philipines. He received his doctorate in psychology from the University of Houston.

In one of his daughter's interviews, Miss USA mentioned that her father, Remigio immigrated to Washington on a college scholarship with $20 in his pocket. 

Remigio was only 19 years old at the time, but he forged his own path through hard work and dedication. He earned a psychology doctorate from the University of Houston and later opened a car repair business.

R'Bonney, on the other hand, graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor's degree in fashion and a minor in textiles. She is a fashion designer of environmentally friendly clothing and a model.

Remigio moved to United States from Philippines at the age of 19 with only $20 in his pocket
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She mentioned her father's combination of humor and hard work when speaking with GMAnetwork about him. He never fails to make her laugh with her gags, and he was the one who taught her the value of hard work.

He advised her to put in the utmost effort rather than the most intelligence. Her father enjoys dressing up, particularly with a nice pair of shoes. He owns 75 Nike shoes and often goes for matching sneakers with R'Bonney. 

R'Bonney considers herself fortunate to have grown up in a household with two distinct cultures, making her more inviting.

She revealed that her father's side of the family is fun to grow up with and that they enjoy karaoke, have a large, boisterous family, and eat a lot of Lechon.

R'Bonney and Remigio launched 'If not now, then when' t-shirt in November 2021 to commemorate her father's birthday
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On the other hand, she only gets to eat mac and cheese and mashed potatoes from her mother's family, which she considers simpler than her father's.

Her father taught her that now is the best time to pursue her goals rather than later, so she launched the "if not now, then when?" shirts in celebration of his father's birthday on November 25, 2021.

R'Bonney Gabriel Is A Fashion Designer With Three Brothers

R'Bonney Gabriel was raised with her three brothers. She enjoys playing sports together, including shooting BB guns, using game cubes, and playing PS2 and other video games.

She is currently 28 years old and a successful fashion designer. She also teaches sewing to women who have experienced abuse or have been victims of human trafficking.

R'Bonney Gabriel in her three piece denim set made from recycled denim
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R'Bonney has her own Instagram account, 'rbonneynola' design, where she posts her designs and clothing. She described her clothing line as a sustainable, environmentally friendly company, with a large portion of its products made from recycled materials.

You can explore more of her products on Instagram here

She is also available on Instagram, where her personal handle has 70.2K followers, and her official account has 30.4K followers.