Rashad Bilal is a financial advisor, and alongside Troy Millings, has become famous as a financial literacy expert.

Bilal, who fares from the Bronx, is getting a lot of recognition for being on a quest to provide financial knowledge to the African American community.

He recognized that financial literacy is frighteningly low when it comes to African American communities, especially from the lower classes.

To make sure that these people get a leg up in the field so they could fare better, Bilal alongside Millings, began the Earn Your Leisure podcast in January 2019.

They started with an iPhone and shotgun mics, but have since become known as cultural shifters who have been approached by and earned the interest of such prominent African American celebrities and media figures as Steve Harvey, Jemele Hill, and Nick Cannon. 

How Much Is Rashad Bilal From Earn Your Leisure's Net Worth?

Financial advisor Rashad Bilal has an estimated net worth of about $32 million as of 2022.

He earns the bulk of his wealth as the owner of three companies. He owns OFS Credit Co, Inc (OCCI), OFS Capital Corp (OFS), and OFS Credit Co Inc (OCCIO.PFD).

He started the first (OCCI) and third (OCCIO. PFD) company on the same date, October 4, 2018, while the second (OFS) has existed since November 7, 2012. Per his latest holdings, OCCI and OCCIO.PFD have merged, or perhaps they were the same company but with different fronts from the start.

Rashad Bilal with his partner Troy Millings and the Earn Your Leisure team at the Revolt office
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As it stands, OFC is the more successful company, with a current valuation of $30,999,653 as of 2022. Then there is the Earn Your Leisure podcast, which is hugely successful, with over 1.01 million subscribers on Youtube.

The podcast often gets thousands of views on the website and has interviewed many prominent figures like Steve Harvey. 

He has made it his life mission to expand the African American community's financial literacy and possess a net worth that reflects his financial knowledge.

What Are Rashad Bilal's Earnings From OFS Capital?

The majority of Rashad Bilal's $32 million net worth comes from his earnings from OFS Capital.

As per his latest holdings summary, he owns two stocks in OFS Capital Corp and OFS Credit Co Inc.

In the former, he owns over 2,966,474 shares as of November 11, 2020. These shares have a value of $31 million with a weightage of 97.67%.

The current price of each of the shares individually is $10.45. His wealth is staggering as he sees a 44.34% monthly return which averages out to 119.73$ annual return.

Rashad Bilal with his partner Troy Millings and esteemed director Tyler Perry
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OFS Capital is an investment company whose objective is to generate income and capital appreciation by investing in middle-market companies. 

Not to forget OCCI, which also adds to his net worth, where he owns over 82,500 shares with a value of $740,025. Each of those shares is valued individually at $8.97 with a weightage of 97.67%

OCCI is not as active as OFS, but as the director and CEO, Bilal earns a pretty penny from the company.

More About Rashad Bilal's Companies

As stated above, Rashad Bilal owns three companies in total: OFS Credit Co Inc (OCCI), OFS Capital Corp (OFS), and OFS Credit Co Inc (OCCIO. PFD).

Of these three, OCCI and OCCIO.PFD can be thought to be the same company wearing different hats. So, in essence, Bilal is in charge of OCCI and OFS, and of the two, OFS is the more successful one, adding an enormous bulk to his net worth.

As stated above, OFS is an investment company that primarily invests in middle-market companies.

Rashad Bilal at the New York Stock Exchange
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It also focuses on investments in senior secured loans in both first and second lien alongside unitranche loans and subordinated loans.

Bilal is the CEO and Director of OFS Capital Corp and has a majority share. Still, other executives include Ross Teune, the Chief Accounting Officer and ten percent owner, and Mukya Porter, the Chief Compliance Officer. On the other hand, OOCI is also an investment company, but its objective relates to generating current income and capital appreciation.

Since it is smaller than OFS, this company only includes Ross Teune, who once again owns ten percent of the company.

Rashad Bilal Is An Financial Advisor

Despite his impressive net worth, Rashid Bilal is most known for being a go-to resource for financial literacy for the African American community.

However, Bilal has a lot to thank for Troy Millings, who began the entire idea when he saw a flawed education system failing the students.  Millings brought Bilal along, who was also starting his financial career, so they could devise a plan to help people in their community gain financial literacy.

Rashad Bilal and his partner Troy Millings on the cover of Ebony magazine
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Though Millings was more in charge during the early days, Bilal soon followed suit and started pulling his weight after a couple of years in the game.

They've described their partnership as Millings teaching Bilal about being an educator and Bilal teaching Millings about finances. Since then, with a successful podcast, Youtube channel, and company, Bilal has become the ideal example of what a financial advisor ought to be.

Also, as a successful African American man, he has become an inspiration to his community and his people.