Why Was Rapper Mack Mulla Arrested? Watch His Mugshots Amid Criminal Charges

James Rodriguez Jr., aka Mack Mulla of Wilkes-Barre, was arrested for selling fentanyl which resulted in the death of one person. Fentanyl is a powerful opioid medication used for anesthesia.

According to federal court documents, Mack Mulla sold fentanyl on or around October 27, 2021, in Luzerne County.

The unauthorized sale of drugs has resulted in the death of a person in Luzerne County. 

Rapper: Why Was Mack Mulla Arrested? Mugshots & Charges

Mack Mulla was arrested for possessing and selling a drug called fentanyl which caused the death of a person. 

He is also accused of selling fentanyl around December 2, 2021, and approximately 40 grams of a mixture containing fentanyl on or around January 20, 2022, in Luzerne County.

Mulla is also accused of possessing several weapons found after a raid on a Nicholson Street home on January 20 in Wilkes-Barre Township.

He is charged with five of the federal indictment of possession of a loaded 9mm handgun, a loaded Ruger LCP, .380 caliber handgun, a 12-gauge shotgun, and a loaded .22 caliber handgun.

Mack was ordered to leave the house by federal authorities to have been obtained or used during the commission of the alleged crimes.

These items include the weapons mentioned above, ammunition, and blue Porsche Panamera, registered in his name.

What Is Mack Mulla Real Name & Age? 

Mack Mulla's real name is James Rodriguez Jr., and he is currently 29 years old, according to the police report. 

Furthermore, his Instagram bio reveals himself as CEO of mullafashionmullagaming, and mullagangstudios. 

Mack is widely known as a Hip Hop artist from Middletown, New York.

He is a rapper who owns a high-end clothing store.

Mulla's eye for fashion is just as good as his ear for music.

Mack's album "4th Quarter Pressure" was released on January 11.

What Is Mack Mulla Net Worth? 

Mack Mulla's net worth is estimated to be in the range of $1-$5 million. He has over 25 songs published to date. 

Furthermore, there is no account of how much he did earn from selling drugs and illicit substances just for money.

If convicted, Mack faces a maximum penalty under federal law for this offense of life imprisonment in a term of supervised release following imprisonment, and a fine

.A court sentence following a finding of guilt is imposed by the Judge after considering the applicable sentencing statutes and the Federal Guidelines.

He was caught up with large quantities of marijuana with the intent to distribute it.

Moreover, possession of multiple handguns and a shotgun in furtherance of these drug trafficking activities would give him a hard time to be acquitted. 

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