Rapper FG Famous Arrested For The Murder Of Jaydayoungan, Here's What We Know

Jaydayoung was killed in Shooting in July ( Source : Instagram )

Rapper FG aka Bucksz FG has been rumored to be arrested for the murder of Jaydayoungan. Javorius Tykies Scott was shot and died at a local Bogalusa hospital.

JayDaYoungan was a well-known rapper from Louisiana. However, he was detained by federal officials many times for possessing both weapons and drugs before his death.

Police conducted a raid on Scott's home in March 2020 on allegations that he had attacked a pregnant woman. They seized $24,000 in cash, Promethazine, Oxycodone, and numerous firearms.

Is Rapper FG Famous Arrested For Jaydayoungan's Death Case?

Rapper FG Famous is rumored to be arrested for his brother Jaydayoungan's death case. However, there is no such authentic news on this matter.

FG got into making music at the age of fourteen when he would freestyle in his high-school washroom. FG was in and out of jail very young and was suspended from three schools.

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Similarly, his brother Jaydayoungan started to make music to express his anger towards racist cops, biased teachers, and the opps.

Jaydayoungan died in a shooting that happened on July 27, 2022. He was shot along with his father, Kenyatta Scott, while sitting on the front lawn.

FG Famous has been rumored to be arrested for killing Jay
FG Famous has been rumored to be arrested for killing Jay( Source : Instagram )

After being stopped by Florida Highway Patrol in Gadsden County, Florida, Scott was charged with possessing a controlled drug on May 11, 2019, without a prescription.

Police pulled over a vehicle and discovered 20 grams of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and painkiller tablets.

A firearm was also discovered to have one of the passengers. Other accusations involving drugs and guns were brought against the persons riding with him.

Scott was granted bail of $2,500 and released on May 12. Scott could not participate in his scheduled Rolling Loud Music Festival performance.

FG Famous Real Name And Jail Sentence

According to nextupartists.medium.com, FG famous real name is Bucksz FG. He is 24 years old rapper born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but was brought up in Brampton, Ontario.

Mr. FG has faced numerous challenges and sufferings during his life. At the age of 21, he was shot and imprisoned.

Even worse, Mr. FG lost six figures in court costs and went bankrupt. Due to this, he had to start working a nine-to-five job until he could restart his business and resume his rapping.

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Until all of his concerns are handled, Mr. FG is prohibited from returning to his homeland. He is now still contesting his case.

Mr. FG is a businessman who owns eight for-profit entities in addition to his music career. Bucksz is a tremendous sports fan who enjoys playing and watching sports like football and basketball.

Javarious Scott is best known for his singles “23 Island
Javarious Scott is best known for his singles “23 Island( Source : Instagram )

As mentioned above, Scott was supposedly "found hiding in an attic" when police discovered him.

Scott was given a $20,000 bail after being charged with assaulting a pregnant woman and possessing illegal drugs.

Kardell Robertson, another man at his home, was detained for illegally possessing a pistol and released on a $100 bail.

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