England-based YouTuber Pupinia Stewart has gone missing from all her social media account since 2020 with no prior updates. Where is Pupinia Stewart in 2022?

Pupinia Stewart has had a long hiatus from YouTube, her fans doubt if she is ok. 

She is known for her satirical content. Pupinia mainly portrays herself as an illiterate and mentally unstable individual. 

She doesn't have depth knowledge of any topics. Due to her lack of knowledge on the particular subject matter, people made fun of her and trolled her.

According to YouTube Fandom Wiki, Pupinia usually posted commentary and comedy videos on her self-titled YouTube channel until 2020. Her cover song of some famous artists, ASMR videos, and Let's Plays of stereotypical preteen games such as Roblox, Minecraft, Webkinz, Wizard101, and Five Nights at Freddy's gained massive popularity among viewers

Since 2020there have been no updates from Pupinia, and her loyal fans are missing her presence on social media.

Pupinia possibly took a break from the internet since there are no updates about her on Instagram from 2018.

Where Is Influencer Pupinia Stewart Now?

Pupinia Stewart is an American online creator and has not posted any content on her YouTube channel since 2020. 

On Instagram, her last post was uploaded in 2018. People are missing her and want to know if she is doing well.

American vlogger Pupinia Stewart
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Although Pupinia has remained inactive on social media for two years, her fans still watch her videos and show their concern. 

One user wrote in her last YouTube video, "She honestly misses Pupinia. She made her laugh and remembered watching all her old videos. She is hoping that she's doing well,"

People believe that Pupinia has improved her content concept over all these years. Cracknoob5205 wrote in the comments, "From her first crying and screaming videos to minions to discussing how England is closer to Jupiter to now being a person that doesn't like animal crossing hasn't posted in more than a year."

Pupinia Stewart fans are worried about her
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The young YouTuber Stewart has 192k subscribers as of 2022. In 2012, she created her YouTube channel and uploaded many entertaining videos.

Pupinia Stewart Last Video Uploaded In 2020

Even though Pupinia Stewart post got trolled on social media, she has been a funny content maker from the very beginning.

No doubt, Her innocent face and her act in each ASMR video gave people a positive vibe about her excellence.

Stewart has collaborated with other prominent YouTubers, including Our Third Life. It has more videos and subscribers as compared to her channel. 

Pupinia Stewart has crossed over 192k subscribers as of 2022
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As per Fandom Wiki, she was diagnosed with autism when she was 9. Her family moved to England to get a better life.

She went to the Bee Hive, a place for mentally retarded and disabled people to learn about workplaces instead of going to college.

Three years ago, Stewart gave a review of James Charles's morphe makeup palette on her YouTube channel. The palette costs around $15 in LA. She tried the Morphe palette and gave a satisfying review to her fans. 

Meet Pupinia Stewart On Instagram

Born in 1998, Pupinia Stewart turned 24 years old in 2022. 

She last shared a photo of herself on Instagram on August 16, 2018. 

One fan wrote, "You're so pretty. Anyways COME BACK, Angel. It's been four years since you posted this. "Come back, bestie," another user wrote.

Stewart has 11k followers on Facebook. Her followers wished her a 24th birthday via Facebook.

Pupinia Stewart hasn't shared any post on Instagram since 2018
Source : instagram