Pax Epidemiologist TikTok Drama Explained On Reddit

Snackpax.epi is a TikToker who spread misinformation while lying about his credentials
Snackpax.epi is a TikToker who spread misinformation while lying about his credentials( Source : amazon )

More often than not, certain people will do their hardest to achieve fame without putting in the work.

Due to the nature of social media, people become famous instantly, which invites great envy from other people.

As such, people who find that they don't have any talent or skills try to find the easiest way they can weasel themselves into fame and fortune.

TikTok has become a hotbed for these people because they find that in TikTok, they can steal other people's content and pass it off as their own.

This is exactly what happened in the case of Snackpax. epi, a TikToker who faked being an epidemiologist on TikTok, grew a large following until his lies were finally discovered.

However, what makes his actions more despicable than most is that he faked being a health professional.

What Is The Pax Epidemiologist Drama On TikTok?

The Pax epidemiologist drama on TikTok can be summarized as one man faking his credentials to sound legitimate. 

The man in question is Snackpax. epi, a TikToker who tried to build a platform on TikTok by passing himself off as a field Epidemiologist and Certified Nurse and Midwife.

An epidemiologist is simply someone who studies the outbreaks of diseases and identifies people at risk of the disease and how people can stop or control the spread of it.

As one can imagine, due to the state of the world right now, post-COVID-19, epidemiology, and epidemiologists are in high demand.

So, when Snackpax. epi rolled around with seemingly real credentials, no one thought he was faking it or his credentials, and he rose quickly in subscriber count.

Snackpax.epi built a platform under the false pretenses that he was an epidemiologist and midwife
Snackpax.epi built a platform under the false pretenses that he was an epidemiologist and midwife ( Source : tiktok )

The man was nearing 200K followers, but many people took offense to the way he acted and started questioning if he was who he said he was.

People started asking him in his comments to show them his credentials, and he did so. He showed screenshots of his License Numbers with the first name blurred but his first initial: "T" and his last name Hardy clear in view.

But, once Savannah, or @rx0rcist, came upon his videos, she started to realize that something was up. She then uncovered that not only was Snackpax. epi lying about his credentials, but he had stolen those credentials from an African American epidemiologist Tiko Hardy.

She exposed him, and the man has since lost his platform, seemingly banned, and the real Tiko Hardy is pressing charges.

Snackpax.epi's Real Name Is Tyler Hardy

After extensive research on @rx0rcist's part, it was eventually revealed that Snackpax.epi's really name is Tyler Hudson Hardy.

Hardy had lied about his credentials, his job, and his education, and @rx0rcist slowly and surely unraveled the large web of lies that Hardy had weaved.

Due to his personality, he had always received hate on his account, but the initial wave had more to do with people trolling or being mean, so no one thought too deeply about it. One such creator, @snavillus, pities Hardy for receiving such hate and contacted him privately to invite him over for Christmas.

Snackpax.epi's lies and treachery were figured out by fellow TikToker @rx0rcist
Snackpax.epi's lies and treachery were figured out by fellow TikToker @rx0rcist ( Source : tiktok )

She is a TikTok creator with over 16K followers who also work in healthcare, so she and Hardy became mutual on TikTok.

It turned out that since Hardy was in Colorado and @snavillus was in Massachusetts, he would be unable to have Christmas with her. Still, she wanted to help, so she asked him for his mailing address so she could send him something.

Knowing that he might feel awkward or unsure about sending his real name and/or mailing address, @snavillus said he could send her an address where he could pick up her mail.

Hardy ended up sending her his real mailing address and received her gift of a blanket, a hat, and a gift card, amongst other things.

She received no reply after that, and it wasn't until @rx0rcist let her know why she found out.

He had told their mutuals she was stalking him and had mailed her a deceased cat.

No, Snackpax.epi or Tyler Hudson Hardy is not related to Tiffany C.

He is, however, a liar, and his web of lies seems to have finally been unfurled. Following @rx0rcist's videos, many people have become aware of just how deep the lies that Hardy shared were. 

Aside from telling people that @snavillus was stalking him, he had lied about his degree, which he did have, but it was from an uncredited online university he got after he started his platform.

He had also been asking his followers for money to donate to an African American charity, but he had been siphoning money into his account. After @rx0rcist started unraveling his web of lies, she even contacted him to set the record straight, but he seemed very erratic and strange in the calls. 

Snackpax.epi or Tyler Hudson Hardy is no longer on TikTok and has been banned
Snackpax.epi or Tyler Hudson Hardy is no longer on TikTok and has been banned ( Source : tiktok )

He then started making videos where he called her and everyone who doubted him clout chasers trying to bring him down.

Finally, when things had gone on for too long, a person unaffiliated with @rx0rcist contacted the real Tiko Hardy via email on November 11, 2022, to inform her.

The real Doctor Hardy then responded to the person who informed her of Snackpax. epi on November 17 said that aside from the person's email, she had received a complaint from the Department of Regulatory Agencies in Colorado (DORA).

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