The murder of Gary Triano was orchestrated by his wife Pamela Phillips, garnering national headlines.

NBC's Dateline covered the case in 2021, while other prominent crime shows have also done the same. TheTV shows such as "America's Most Wanted" helped in the investigation in 2005.

Hence, the joint venture of both media and the police finally solved the uncanny death of Gary Triano, a distinguished businessman in Tucson.

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Where Is Pamela Phillips Today? 

Pamela Phillips is incarcerated at the Arizona State Prison Complex, Perryville, as of today. She is serving up her life sentence in a jail cell form where she shared her side of the story on the television shows.

Famously titled 'The murder of Gary Triano,' this case has been televised by several programs such as "Dateline NBC," "Dateline on ID," "48 Hours," "Snapped," "American Greed," "Fatal Vows," and "Vengeance: Killer Millionaires" throughout these years.

An inmate today, Pam would have never thought of gaining such fame, but for all the wrong reasons. The murder story was also the subject of a book by Kerie Droban in January 2012.

Nicknamed Pam, she initially lived in Tucson, Arizona, throughout her marriage with Gary. The couple had gotten married on October 4, 1986, in San Diego, California, but went through a nasty divorce in 1993.

After that, she relocated to Aspen, Colorado, with her two sons, Trevor and Lois. It was there when she met Ronald Young, a small-time criminal with whom she developed a relationship.

Young did the crime while Pam instigated the murder plan of her ex-husband. The murder of Gary is one of the notorious crime stories in the state of Arizona, thus, bringing Pam ill-fame and legal wrath.


Her surviving sons' current whereabouts have not yet reached public knowledge. Both were adults when their mother was convicted of the murder; hence, they have stayed away from attention to bring peace to the family.

Is Pamela Phillips Still In Prison?

Pamela Phillips is still in prison, as confirmed by Murderopedia. She was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole by the state court on May 22, 2014.

A jury found Pam guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder in April 2014.

Gary's murder happened on November 1, 1996, while Pamela was arrested regarding the matter only in 2009.


However, she was the first person on the suspect list of the investigators. After "America's Most Wanted" helped with the investigations, they found the lead to Ronald Young.

It was only after tracing Young that the Arizona securities got their hands on the real culprit.

The news of a former model, socialite, and an independent businesswoman found guilty of killing her ex-spouse did not settle with the crowd.

Since then, she has become a huge figure of media attention and web discussions. Pam is currently under prison custody and has not made contact with anyone in recent days.

The wide coverage of Gary Triano's murder has made Pam unable to live a comfortable life.

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Gary Triano Wife Pamela Phillips and Ronald Young Murder Conspiracy 

Pamela Phillips came to know of Ronald Young after she had moved to Aspen. There, she flourished as a businesswoman and commercial real estate agent even after Gary's death.

During her 1993 divorce, Triano had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, claiming $40 million in debt from Pam after several failed business dealings regarding Indian casinos.

Facing tight financial situations, Pam's anger towards Gary grew strong. Hence, she had made plans to earn money from Gary.


Pam had taken out a $2 million insurance plan in Gary's name while naming the couple's two sons as beneficiaries. She received the money in 1997 after Gary's death, only to be convicted of the crime several years later.

Gary was killed in a pipe bomb car explosion at the La Paloma Country Club in Catalina Foothills, Arizona. reported Ronald Young's arrest relating to Gary's death as his abandoned rented van was found in Yorba Linda, California. There were documents pertaining to Phillips and Triano's divorce, a map of Tucson, Arizona, and a sawed-off shotgun.

Young and Pam's relationship was eventually looked into closely, and the investigators found strong evidence of phone calls and emails where the two talked about Gary Triano's murder.


Young was charged with Gary's murder in 2008, followed by Pam's arrest after she fled to Vienna to avoid indictment.

The Gary Traino murder case' trial started in 2010 that revealed Young had received $400k for the murder. Young was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

He was sentenced to two life terms that he is still serving today at Arizona State Prison Complex.

Though Young was put to justice, Pam fought hard and still claims her innocence, citing that Gary's death was a mob revenge killing.

Pam was initially mentally incompetent for trial after the arrest, but she was ruled competent to stand trial after undergoing treatment at the jail in 2012.

Her trial began in 2014 and lasted for seven weeks, where she was convicted with no possibility of parole, according to NBC.