Dr. Donald Cline is the notorious figure whose misdeeds are covered by Netflix's upcoming documentary "Our Father." Stay tuned as we shed light on the anticipated Netflix show!

Dr. Donald Cline is a notable Indianapolis business owner and church elder. He was notable for his fertility services back in the 1970s to the 1980s.

Mr. Cline had won many hearts with his medical services until the truth was uncovered. His patients are now the victim of his medical fraud, where he is said to have swapped the sperm samples with his own.

His victims have come forward through Netflix's "Our Father" as they dig deeper into Cline's past actions.

Our Father: Where Is Dr. Donald Cline Now?

Dr. Donald Cline, the main subject of Netflix's "Our Father," is currently based in Indianapolis. He has retired to be a business owner and even contributes to his church.

He has become a notable member of the community despite the unethical deeds that he committed. 

The elderly Cline has become a notorious figure due to the medical fraud. Meanwhile, the precise particulars of his current whereabouts are still into consideration.

Fertility Doctor Dr. Donald Cline Accusations and Fraud Details

Dr. Donald Cline, the ill-famed fertility doctor, has been called out of accusations of medical fraud. His patients are shocked and broken to the core as they discover that the doctor deceived them.

In hopes of a child looking similar to their partner, Cline's patients got Cline's children.

Moroever, the shocking part is that more than three dozen children have been traced down as Cline's offspring.

On the other hand, investigations suspects that the number is still rising. Meanwhile, Dr. Cline had charged his patients a full medical fee for his committed deception.

According to "Our Father's trailer, a man stated that there was no legal precedent or law that addressed Cline's actions. The main purpose of the documentary is to bring forward more offspring victims of Cline and expose Cline's wrongdoings to the whole world.

Dr. Donald Cline Wikipedia and Age Explored

Dr. Donald Cline's age falls around his 70s to 80s, according to our close sources. We have yet to acquire the exact deets on his birthdate.

Cline was once Indiapolis's best infertility doctor until one of his offspring, Jacoba, decided to hold a large investigation to expose his medical fraud.

The Netflix documentary revealed that Cline had tried to stop Jacoba from investigating quite a few times. It is unknown why Dr. Cline took such steps, including the number of his offspring.

Dr. Donald Cline Net Worth Revealed

Dr. Donald Cline's net worth details are still under review. He earned quite some figures given his former successful career as a fertility doctor.

However, the exact figuration of his earnings and assets is still under review and will be updated shortly.