'Oh Husbant We Are Homeress' Meme Explained, Meet Japanese Artist Mogusa Shirose

Ouh Husband, we are homeless meme. ( Source : Knowyourmeme )

"Oh Husbant, we are homeless" is a popular meme based on Japanese model and artist, Mogusa Shhirose. 

The meme apparently specified the reason how your husband can turn you homeless, either it may be spending money or using bitcoin or any other reason. 

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'Oh Husbant We Are Homeress' Meme Explained,

"Ouhh Husbant we are homeress", refers to a collection of memes that are based on images of the Japanese singer and model Mogusa Shirose.

People are sharing memes with English captions in which she claims her spouse spent too much money on his hobby, causing them to become homeless. 

Shirose is shown in the most frequently used image in the format, standing outside in the snow and looking dejectedly at the camera.

The format became popular in June 2022 after being inspired by a 2020 4chan post about spending too much money on video games.

On October 26, 2020, an anonymous 4chan member posted a picture of Mogusa standing in the snow with dialogue in English. There she accused her husband of overspending on video games, leading to their homelessness.

Until June 11th, 2022, when a user of 4chan reproduced the original October 2020 post, the meme did not gain additional traction.

Later on in the day, Reddit user ShotaHentaiForLife uploaded a screenshot of the article on Reddit, where it quickly racked up over 950 upvotes. The screenshot was reposted online and went viral the following week.

Homeless meme, with change in background.
Homeless meme, with change in background. ( Source : Twitter )

The meme spread further on social media on June 16th, 2022, when Twitter user @JackdawJackal posted a version about Bitcoin that gained over 800 retweets and 7,200 likes in five days.

However, it wasn't just on June 16 that internet users were obsessed with the meme and began changing the dialogue and image.

Another series of such posts are, Husband, you spent too much money on fumo, and now we're homeless, Husband, you prayed for toy men too much, and now we're homeless.

Similarly, you can find many other versions of memes associated with this image on Twitter.

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Who is Japanese Artist Mogusa Shirose?

Mogusa Shirose is a Japanese artist and a model whose meme is getting viral on social media at the moment. 

Anatomy EP, a three-track album that begins with a life system, features a lot of collaboration between Shirose and the track.

The artist debuted on the main stage a month ago with the perplexing song Fiji, which has amassed support across the globe for more than 12000 games.

Similarly, Memes about the passing of an Asian woman are all over the internet.

The Japanese artist passed away from hypothermia, according to tweets from the account @@Eliteman69.

The same meme of depressing images was submitted by the user, and the first image reads, "Husband, you waste our money in Fumos? We are now homeless.

"You Did?" is the caption for the second image. I hope it's just a joke is the caption for the third image, and "Dies from hypothermia" is the caption for the last image.

Mogusa Shirose And Husband Memes On Twitter And Instagram

You can find Mogusa Shirose and husband memes all over Twitter and Instagram. Furthermore, you can also add your creativity, adding the reason how your husband can make you homeless.

One of them can be, "Husband, you spend all of your money on video games and now we're homeless.

It is the platform to explore and utilize the creativity in your favor, who knows you can create an immaculate meme that blows up the internet.

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