Obituary: Who Is Clair Fisher? The Dying Well Project Director Passed Away From Cancer

Clair Fisher was doing her retirement project called "The Dying Well" since January 2021 to help people with terminal illnesses.

Clair Fisher's passing has saddened many people. Her project "The Dying Well" was recommendable. Her thoughtfulness during her battle had made her a warrior.

@DyingWell_UK has announced her death on social media. The tweet reads, "We are thankful for her life, which she lived well, and for all the happiness we have enjoyed together."

Obituary: Who Is Clair Fisher From The Dying Well? Wikipedia Bio

Clair Fisher from the Dying well was a government geek. She got attracted to Parliament during an A'Level work experience placement. In 2000, she joined the Civil Service Faststream.

That was the beginning of her career spent being a government geek. During her tenure in civil service, she worked in the Ministry of Justice, the Home Office, and in Regional Government.

In 2012, she established Pashley Fisher Ltd. She contributed to designing and delivering training on Strategic Thinking, Policy Skills, and Public Sector Leadership. 

Clair was pleased to support the work of Care and the UCCF Politics leadership Network. She did not have her official Wikipedia page however, she was on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. 

As per, her obituary, funeral arrangements and, tributes will be posted at Dandelion Farewells. She had written a blog on 'Dying Well' that could be read here.

Clair Fisher Cancer Type And Death

In 2018, Clair Fisher was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. She continued to work through her treatment which include 3 major surgeries and multiple rounds of chemotherapy.

Being ill also didn't stop her from initiating something that would help people. She began her retirement project 'Dying Well' in January 2021 to explore how the evidence on wellbeing could improve the lives of those with a terminal illness.

The motivator became a passionate advocate for early intervention palliative care and for normalizing conversations about death and dying. She was also a religious person.

Learn About Clair Fisher Age & Husband

Clair Fisher was born in 1979. However, the exact date and the month have not been known. She was 43 years of age at the time of her death. It is an early age to leave the world.

She is a married woman and got three children. She had been living with her spouse and kids in Horsham, England. There is not much information on her partner however, his name must be Jon as per his email mentioned by pashleyfisher.

They must be devasted at the moment as she has left them forever. We pray for the departed soul to rest in peace and extend our sincere condolence to her family and relatives.

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