Obituary: What Happened To Markus Templer Torornto? Death Cause Suicide

Markus Templer ( Source : Mediaincanada )

Toronto resident Markus Templer is no more with us. His death has shocked everyone in the community. 

Markus was a tech entrepreneur, facilitator, and speaker from Canada. He was known for collaborating with Jays Care Foundation, Toronto Blue Jays, Digital Finance Institue, and many more companies. 

Friends and family are described as a person with a highly positive aura. So, what led to such an unfortunate event?

Obituary: What Happened To Markus Templer from Toronto?

Markus Templer from Toronto has sadly passed away. 

He was born and bred in Ontario. He attended the University of Western Ontario. Similarly, he graduated from the Dunbarton High School.

Templer was the country director at ProcureNet in Canada. He also worked as the Judge at the Digital Finance Institue. Unfortunately, his family members recently announced his untimely demise via his obituary.

Announcing his shocking death, Diana Luu created a GodfundMe fundraiser on behalf of Faelyne Templer. She wrote, "Markus Templer was many things to many of us. He was the person who was in our corner during a hard day, he was the person we called to really celebrate a win, and he was the person we turned to when we didn't even know we needed a hug". 

The campaign had initially targeted collecting USD 10,000. It has already crossed the mark and raised over USD 51,000 within a day

Markus Templer Death Cause And Tribute

Markus Templer's death cause has not been revealed yet.

Though some people speculate his cause of death was suicide, it is not confirmed. The early reports only confirm his demise, but nothing more.

The reason could be anything from accidents to health problems. However, there is no mention of any chronic illness. Everyone entailed his passing away as sudden and shocking.

This is a tough time for his family members. So, we refrain from asking any sensitive questions for their mental health. 

Friends and family were devasted by the loss

With the unforgettable mark left on the community, the internet soon flooded with Markus Templer's photo tribute. 

A Facebook user named TL Lieu wrote "I have read all the posts and the outpouring of love, gratitude, and appreciation for you, and I still can't find the words to say goodbye. It only took us 15 years to learn to hug and not make everyone around us feel awkward."

Similarly, another user named Doug Gordon posted, "The guy with the most contagious laugh. The biggest hugger and all-around great guy. You brought laughter and love wherever you went. I know you’ll be missed by many".

Close friend Donna Nguyen posted numerous photos and videos with the caption, "His infectious smile, his energy, his big teddy bear hugs, his love for life … EVERYBODY loved Markus, and it’s hard to believe we only have memories of our time with him to grasp on to. Devastated, shocked, and incredibly heartbroken."

We bestow our sympathy and condolences to Markus Templer's friends and family. He will forever live with us in our memories. May he rest in peace. 

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