NJ Teenager Kass Theaz Sues Parents For Tuition Fee And Support; Where Is She Now?

Kass Theaz In A Restaurant Smiling For Photo
Kass Theaz In A Restaurant Smiling For Photo( Source : instagram )

Kass Theaz is an NJ teenager who got viral all over the internet for suing her parents for tuition fees and financial support.

Kass Theaz is a TikToker between 18-22 years old. She is very popular on TikTok for making videos which explains why she sued her parents.

She has 70.9K followers on the respective site, whereas she is following 167 people back. The total count of likes she got is 1.4 million as of now. Her most recent video was on August 10, 2022, where she replies to a comment that says, "Please say they (her parents) already kicked you out of their house by now.

The TikTok star is getting lots of love and criticism from people worldwide. Many people are saying that they hope she also gets a kid who sues her, to which she replied, "I am not having a baby, and I am a lesbian, so there is no chance that I get it by mistake."

Full NameKass Theaz
Instagram Username@isatandstared
TikTok Username @isatandstared
ProfessionTikTok Star

NJ Teenager Kass Theaz Sues Parents For Tuition Fee And Support

NJ teenager Kass sued her parents for having her without permission and for providing her tuition fee and support.

She is pretty popular on TikTok and is seen sharing most of her story there. She is unhappy that her parents gave her birth with concern and are not giving her enough money to live.

Kass Theaz Looking Beautiful While Smiling
Kass Theaz Looking Beautiful While Smiling( Source : instagram )

According to Kass, as her parents gave birth to her with their wish, they should be paying for all her expenses which her family refused to do after she turned eighteen. They told her to live independently, which made her sue her mother and father.

Where Is Kass Theaz Now?

Kass Theaz lives alone in the house her mother and father bought her for her eighteenth birthday. She told in a video that her parents kicked her out of their extensive 4500 sq. feet home and told her to live in a house that was made of 1200 sq. feet.

It is primarily active on TikTok and Instagram nowadays. She is seen posting videos related to her life daily. Many people are seen loving her and criticizing her for suing her mom and dad. 

Kass Theaz Showing Peace Sign
Kass Theaz Showing Peace Sign ( Source : instagram )

Before, Kass, an Indian man, also did the same thing because he found it very wrong to bring a baby into the world without their consent and leave them suffering for their whole life. He said it was not our decision to be born, so their parents should pay their bills for the rest of their lives.

Kass Theaz Siblings And Parent's Name

Kass The is yet to reveal the names of her parents and whether she has siblings or not.

TikTok is pretty active on Instagram as well, with 7,176 followers. Her username is @isatandstared., Where she is following 58 people and has 83 posts as of now. But, she is never seen revealing details about her parents and siblings. So, it is assumed that she has no brothers or sisters.

She is mainly seen posting comedy and satire videos on her Instagram account. She keeps the faces of different celebrities in her content to make it more funny and likable. Her most recent post was on March 16, 2022, with the caption, "Proof @joebiden is my grandfather. #isatandstared."

Kass's bio on the respective site says, "Satire account," "TikTok @isatandstared," "Backup TikTok: @isatandstared2.0", and "Former owner of Kylie Jenner's upper lip."

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