Has Nux Taku Done A Face Reveal? Here's He Really Looks Like

Nux Taku is an active user of social media platforms who has amassed millions of followers.
Nux Taku is an active user of social media platforms who has amassed millions of followers.( Source : twimg )

Nux Taku's face revealed news once again grabbed the attention of the netizens and Nux’s followers. The facial reveals of hidden Youtubers are always a topic of discussion.

He is a renowned Canadian American YouTuber and streamer known as Nux.

He has lately started posting videos on analytics and memes in addition to his previous hilarious analysis of anime. Additionally, the digital creator serves as one of the hosts for the podcast SomeOrdinaryPodcast now.

The streamer became the center of attention when Taku obtained a screenshot of the hot tub broadcast, where Lianna got seen sitting on a banana wearing a swimming suit and accused her of "hijacking" the VTuber tag, which got created to promote VTubers.

Several members of the VTuber community even sent Lianna threats of violence. Nux pleaded with her Twitter followers to stop harassing Lianna while it went on.

Has Nux Taku Done A Face Reveal?

No, Nux Taku has not done a face reveal since he initiated publishing content and streaming on social media platforms.

Famous Canadian American YouTuber Nux Taku has long sparked followers' interest in the disclosure of face.

Sadly, click-baiting has kept all of Taku’s admirers in the dark about his identity. Nux’s followers have also started discussions on the Reddit and Twitter platforms. Some of his fans have uploaded memes regarding the actual of their favorite streamer, Taku.

The Twitch streamer revealed his face on his Twitter account on April 1, 2020. However, a lot of people overlooked the fact that it was April 1st. The broadcaster has 2.17 million followers due to his style of talking and moving forward in his videos, which include sarcastic parodies in the past.

Thumbnail of one of the video published by Nux Taku.
Thumbnail of one of the video published by Nux Taku. ( Source : youtube )

Fans frequently question what his face looks like with this type of internet presence. However, they can't quite view it. Perhaps Nux Taku is holding off on sharing it because he wants something extraordinary to occur. On the other hand, the Twitch streamer might reveal his face once he reaches a subscriber’s milestone.

The digital content creator has received tons of requests to go live with his webcam on, but he has never been comfortable showing his real identity. Like many renowned hidden streamers, Nux entertains his fans by keeping his face hidden. The broadcaster has not disclosed the reason for hiding his face on social media sites.

He uses an Anime figure to hide his facial structure in his videos.

Many other famous YouTubers and streamers have met Nux in real life, but they have also been part of the plan of not revealing the identity of Nux.

Despite the YouTuber having the title face revealed on his YouTube content, Nux has not revealed his face; instead, he tricked his subscribers into his clickbait video.

What Is Nux Taku’s Real Name?

The streamer Nux Taku has kept his face revealed under wraps and has not given any private details to his followers.

However, fans and followers of Taku have given his several monikers like Nux Taco, Daddy Nux, Elon Nux, Billy, and Noox Taco.

No one has come forward in public to reveal the actual name of Nux Taku.

It seems the broadcaster values his privacy and is uncomfortable sharing his information with anyone besides his friends and family. According to an online source, Nux holds dual citizenship in Canada and the United States. Likewise, Taku is currently living in the Void in fiction.

NuxTaku is a male Canadian-American Independent VTuber, who debuted on 18 January 2021.
NuxTaku is a male Canadian-American Independent VTuber, who debuted on 18 January 2021. ( Source : virtualyoutuber )

He claims to be from Montreal in one of his published films titled, "I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING AT HER SUFFERING - Nux Watches Jaiden Animations' Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke."

Nux Taku was born to his father and mother in Canada in February 1996.

As of 2022, the renowned digital creator is currently 26 years old. According to the birthdate, Taku’s zodiac sign falls in the Aquarius group. People often discussed his actual height and weight data, but it is hard to guess as people are forced to see the anime character in Nux’s content.

Regarding Nux Taku’s relationship status, available data on the internet suggest he could be single. The content creator has never been married or engaged before.

He often broadcasts the girlfriends of other streamers in his videos, so there is nothing serious about it.

He could be seeing someone secretly, and people aren't aware of it yet. The streamer never fails to astonish with his secrecy.

Nux Taku Net Worth In 2022

As of 2022, Nux Taku has an estimated net worth of around 749.72 thousand dollars.

The broadcaster has not validated this data, and his real net worth detail is still under the shadows.

Online sources have calculated his net worth based on his YouTuber and Twitch subscribers, which have millions of followers. He has amassed a respectable amount of wealth via his commitment and regularity with his YouTube channel and Twitch handle.

Nux has four YouTube channels that have a combined following of almost 3 million people. The YouTuber owns and operates his retail store.

Data from the internet has also come with 807.65 thousand dollars as the net worth of the digital content creator.

The average monthly views on Nux Taku's YouTube channel are 2.4 million, or around 80.12 thousand views per day.

Nux Taku recently makes videos about other topics including analytics and Internet meme.
Nux Taku recently makes videos about other topics including analytics and Internet meme. ( Source : the-muse-list )

Any YouTube channel, including Nux, that uses advertising to monetize makes money for each 1,000 video views.

Per a thousand video views, the social media celebrity may make anything between $3 to $7. These calculations allow fans to determine that Nux Taku makes $9.61 thousand per month or $144.22 thousand annually.

Nux Taku might make up to $259.6 thousand per year from video advertisements if his earnings are in the upper range.

However, these numbers are based on the total views on Nux’s channel. However, the broadcaster might earn more from his other sources of income as well. People can get closer to Taku through his Instagram profile under the username @lordnuxanor. The streamer has uploaded nine posts and accumulated more than 9.3k followers on his Instagram.

Likewise, the content creator is also available on the Twitch platform with his username @NuxTaku. Nux has a verified Twitch account with over 289k followers. He also earns money from Twitch as he has made a partnership with them. Fans who subscribe to Nux on their Twitch account have to pay 1.49 dollars a month.

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