Roy Grace is a detective who is finding out the whereabouts of his missing wife Sandy Grace in the latest episode of the season.

Roy Grace is played by the actor John Simm in the ITV's crime drama Grace. The crime drama is based on Peter James' bestselling DSI Roy Grace novels.

Grace is returning for a second season and it premiered its first episode on May 1, 2022. The series first premiered on March 14, 2021.

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What Happened To Roy Grace's Wife on Not Dead Enough Episode On ITV?

Roy Grace is a detective who is grieving for his wife that has been missing for ten years.

Since her body has not been found, Roy strongly believes that his wife is not dead yet. 

In the recent not dead enough episode a body was found washed up on the beach and it was thought to be Sandy.  But it turned out to be Julia Abbott who is of the police department.

Roy has been trying to find any clues that will lead to Sandy. Meanwhile, he hasn't been able to get any clues neither regarding her dead body or her current whereabouts.

There is a hint that his wife Sandy might have left him as in one episode he recalls the day when he last saw her and she went to work that day and never returned back home.

What Is Sandy Grace Story On Not Dead Enough ITV? 

Sandy Grace is Roy Grace's wife and she has been missing for a decade. She went missing mysteriously and Roy tried to find her with every effort but it went futile.

During investigations, if he finds a body then he wonders that it might be of her wife's but her body has not been found yet. He misses her so much that he dreams of her.

Roy thinks that his wife might have left him cause he couldn't give her the love she wanted. He wished her to be alive and healthy but nothing has been found about her.

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Roy Grace Family and Married life

Roy Grace is a detective who is married to his wife Sandy Grace. He doesn't seem to have a happy married life as his wife went missing for ten years and yet there is no clue regarding her current whereabouts.

Roy seems to have moved from his wife missing as in the new season 2 Ep 2 there is an investigation of a murder of a wealthy socialite and also a chance at the romance of Roy with mortician Cleo.