No, Max Mayfield, one of the most-liked characters, doesn't die in season 4 of Stranger Things.  

Netflix hit series Stranger Things is back with its fourth season, with more drama, suspense, and buzz. People have loved the sci-fi story and were eagerly waiting for it to stream. 

Moreover, the viewers have been worried about their favorite character Max Mayfield, as the series ended with cliffhangers. She is one of the main cast in the show, who has also made a comeback in the new season.  

Find more on Mayfield as the fanatics get emotional over her role. Below is the spoiler of the series' new season. 

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Spoiler Alert: No, Max Mayfield Doesn't Die In Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1

Max Mayfield doesn't die in Stranger Things following season 4, Part 1 of the series. The terrific news for the viewers who have been distressed about the character for a while. 

However, Max did have a near-death experience when she got caught by the tentacles after reaching Vecna's home. She struggles as she struggles to free herself. 

What's more, she starts to levitate just like the other victims who died in the series by Vecna. Just when the viewers thought; about losing the character, getting all emotional, Nancy chipped in. 

Following it, Dustin played the Mayfield's favorite song on Nancy's order. Apparently, it turns out; that the music could help people come back to reality, breaking Vecna's spell. 

Get Familiar With Max Mayfield, Aka Sadie Sink Character Development

Max Mayfield is one of the main characters in Stranger Things, portrayed by an American actress, Sadie Sink. She mainly came to the people's attention with the new release of the series season in 2022. 

In the drama, Mayfield is shown as the daughter of Susan and Sam and has a step-father, Neil, and a step-brother Billy. She is an alias to every main character of the series and shares a close friendship. 

Furthermore, she broke up with Lucas, whom she was dating. Keeping up with the episode, people get emotional as she mourns Billy's death. 


Stranger Things Cliffhangers Raised Concern On Max Mayfield

Nevertheless, the most awaited series, Stranger Things, has again ended with the cliffhangers, leaving the fanatics worried about their main character. Max Mayfield, who has been in danger; for a while, now seems to be a bit relaxed. 

However, the danger seems to end here for neither Mayfield nor the other character. Stay Tuned to new episodes to watch more of Stranger Things.