Niece Waldorf's Death, 'The Legend of Darkhorse County' Actress Passed Away

Niece Waldhofer Died On 14 May ( Source : Instagram )

The legend of darkhorse county actress Niece Waldorf death has surfaced, and the death cause has been reported as a suicide by TMZ.

Niece Waidhofer, a well-known Instagram influencer who advocated raising awareness for mental health, committed suicide at the age of 31.

Waidhofer, who also worked as a model, was discovered dead at her residence. According to her Family, the influencer committed suicide as a result of issues with her mental health.

Niece Waldorf's Death, 'The Legend of Darkhorse County' Actress Passed Away

Her family confirmed Niece Waldorf death due to suicide as she was dealing with mental health problems. She was found dead at 31 in her home on 14 May 2022.

She gained notoriety in 2015 after creating the Reddit trend "Roast Me."Police and the FBI on Thursday confirmed the rumors that she had committed herself.

Waidhofer has 4.2 million Instagram followers and frequently uploaded reels and other content on her struggle with mental health.

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She removed almost all her images and videos from social media last month, leaving only three posts. 

Niece only post with her loved one
Niece only post with her loved one ( Source : Instagram )

Last month, a worried family member requested a welfare check on the celebrity Waidhofer, who was then discovered dead in her home just outside of Houston.

Public documents show that the social media sensation was also a successful model and passed away in her house in Katy, a northwestern town of Houston.

A relative said, "Unfortunately, Niece took her own life after a long fight with mental health concerns."

Niece Waldorf Cause Of Death And Obituary.

The public discovered niece Waldorf cause of death due to suicide after over a month. 

One of her Instagram followers wrote, "R.I.P., Niece' Strong people who offer their support and wisdom often themselves need it."

Furthermore, she added, "everybody experiences life. One user uploaded one of the star's final images, a selfie from March, in a post on May 28 with the message, "Rest In Peace."

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Similarly, another user expressed online, "It seems like she died; I'm sorry for your loss; my sympathies to her family and friends."

Waidhofer playing with her dog video posted on Instagram
Waidhofer playing with her dog video posted on Instagram ( Source : Instagram )

On March 25, she posted a selfie that was taken while she was driving. Waidhofer was renowned for being forthright about her own mental illness difficulties and supporting her followers during such times.

Her family will now launch a nonprofit organization in her name, Peace for Niece, to promote mental health awareness and award funding for mental health research.

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