How Old Is Nicklas Kingo? Everything On The Actor Before His New Show The Pentaverate Release

Danish actor Nicklas Kingo is playing a crucial role in the new Netflix series The Pentaverate. Get to know him in the section below.

Nicklas Kingo is an actor whom we'll be seeing in the new Netflix series The Pentaverate. The comedy series will be released on Thu, May 5, 2022.

It is a spin-off of Mike Myers' 1993 hit romantic black comedy movie, So I Married an Axe Murderer. The Netflix series will reportedly have six episodes.

The series' star cast was recently revealed, and fans are ecstatic to learn that Kingo will be a part of it. Here are some specific details we know about him.

How Old Is Model Nicklas Kingo?

Nicklas Kingo is a young actor whose age is 30 years old in 2022. He was born in the year 1990 in Copenhagen, Denmark. At present, he holds citizenship in Denmark and Australia as well. 


According to height, Kingo stands 6 feet 3 inches tall ie 190 centimeters.  His bodyweight is 83kgs/183lbs. As a model and artist, he has worked in more than 10 countries in past. At present, he is based in London. 

Nicklas Kingo Lacks A Wikipedia Bio- Who Is The Pentaverate Actor?

The bio of Nicklas Kingo is yet to be uploaded on the Wikipedia website. Nevertheless, his works have been listed on many showbiz sites.

According to IMDB,  Kingo had previously worked in movies like Halvmand (2016), Alan Isaac (2021), and Perfect Pair (2017). Similarly, he has been part of many short movies like Basic Skills, Seeks, Mine, I Miss You, Flowers In The Vase, and many more.

The London-based actor had first started out as a voice artist. He went to Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts. At present, he is represented by Camilla Storey Management. Moreover, has worked in Danish and English range of accents.

According to his LinkedIn, Kingo has been working as a voice-over artist for Chatterboxes Voices Limited since March 2017. He had previously worked as a subtitler for the BTO studio and Netflix. 

Kingo has provided his voice in video games advertisements and has collaborated with Netflix, BMW, WeWork, and Google in recent years.

Nicklas, as mentioned on his official website, will be soon heard in the upcoming season of Netflix’s “Hilda”. He will also be part of the video games “Kings Bounty” and the newest installment of  “Elite Dangerous”.

In past, he has also waked runway shows for world-renowned brands like Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Moschino, and Mugler.

Nicklas Kingo Has Shared His Girlfriend Photos On Instagram

King's followers on Instagram are growing gradually. The actor appears on the photosharing platform as @nicklaskingo and he has 3,918 followers in total.

The Danish actor is reportedly dating a beautiful lady named Jennifer Hyde, who is also an actress. She has worked in Wild District, Crónicas de un sueño. 



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