Nick Kyrgios Mum Norlaila Kyrgios Illness: Her Heart Issues And Health Update 2022

Nick Kyrgios is as successful as he is popular and the tennis player has blazed through the world of Tennis with his temperamental attitude and undeniable skill
Nick Kyrgios is as successful as he is popular and the tennis player has blazed through the world of Tennis with his temperamental attitude and undeniable skill( Source : theancestory )

Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios is a controversy-laden Australian professional tennis player who has seen much success in his career. 

Kyrgios currently holds the Association of Tennis Professionals world ranking of number 37 in singles and a world ranking of number 22 in doubles. Kyrgios has won seven ATP tour singles titles, including two Washington Opens (2019 and 2022), and has reached eleven finals, most notably the recent 2022 Wimbledon Champippnships and the 2017 Cincinnati Masters.

Kyrgios has reached a career-high of number 13 in ATP singles rankings. He achieved this feat on October 24, 2016. When it comes to doubles, he has reached a career-high of number 22, which he achieved on August 8, 2022, after winning a doubles title at the 2022 Australian Open.

Kyrgios is one of the most successful tennis players in modern tennis; perhaps his most significant achievement is being only the third player to have beaten each of the Tennis Big Three, which are Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer, the first time he played against them.

Kyrgios is also one of the most controversial players of the modern era and, during his court, has shown epic displays of ranting, racquet-wrecking, and trash talking. Tennishead magazine states that Kyrgios has received more fines for his on-court behavior than any other player in all of ATP history.

Here Are Some Facts About The Controversial Player

Net Worth:$15 Million
Prize Earning:$11,615,990
Height:1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)
Career Record:197 - 110
Career Titles:7
Years Active:2013 - Present

Nick Kyrgios Mum Norlaila Kyrgios Illness: Is she Sick

Nick Kyrgios recently pulled out of Laver Cup to spend time with his family because of his mother Norlaila Kyrgios's failing health.

Though fans are saddened by losing the player, they applaud the player for choosing to be with his suffering mother, who currently has failing kidneys. Nick Kyrgios announced the news on his social media.

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Nick Kyrgios's mother's name is Norlaila Kyrgios, she was born in Malaysia and was a member of the Selangor royal family, but she dropped her title as a princess when she moved to Australia in her twenties.

Norlaila Kyrgios then became a computer engineer and married a Greek house painter named Giorgos Kyrgios. They gave birth to three children, of which Nick is the youngest.

Nick Kyrgios with his siblings. Brother Christos is a fitness instructor while sister Halimah is a singer who appeared on The Voice
Nick Kyrgios with his siblings. Brother Christos is a fitness instructor while sister Halimah is a singer who appeared on The Voice( Source : com )

Kyrgios's siblings are named Halimah Kyrgios and Christos Kyrgios. Halimah Kyrgios is the elder sister, and she is a singer and musician who has appeared on The Voice of Australia. Christos Kyrgios is the elder brother who works as a fitness trainer and gym instructor. 

Norlaila Kyrgios Illness: Heart Issues And Health Update 2022

Norlaila Kyrgios, Nick Kyrgios's mother, is suffering from failing kidneys and terminal cancer; she has also had heart issues in the past.

Noraila is set to receive a kidney from her husband, Giorgos, although it hasn't been revealed yet if the pair are compatible or not. Kyrgios has always mentioned how much he cares about his family, and in the last Laver Cup, he stated that family is more important than any cup or recognition.

It does not come as a surprise that Kyrgios sacrificed his chance at the Cup to be with his family, especially his mother, who is his biggest fan. The player is very close with his mother, and his love for her is well documented on his social media.

Nick Kyrgios is dating blogger Costeen Hatzi, and announced their engagement on May 2022
Nick Kyrgios is dating blogger Costeen Hatzi, and announced their engagement on May 2022( Source : thespun )

Kyrgios also mentioned that he would love to spend time with his girlfriend in his announcement. Kygios is currently in a relationship with blogger Costeen Hatzi, and he announced their engagement in May 2022.

Skipping the Laver Cup shows Kyrgios's dedication to his family because the Cup pits Team World against Team Europe and features many big names, especially the 'Big Four' of Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Andy Murray.

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Kyrgios is in his career-best form, especially following his win at the 2022 Washington Open. He could also have had a rematch with Novak Djokovic, who defeated him at the 2022 Wimbledon finals.

Where Is Noraila Kyrgios Now?

Noraila Kyrgios is currently awaiting a kidney transplant as soon as the doctors find out if her husband Giorgos is compatible with her.

Her entire family is with her, including her third son Nick Kyrgios, as they all await the results and her speedy recovery. So do the fans, and they have been very vocal about their support for the tennis player's decision.

Kyrgios has been away from home for quite a while due to the 2022 Wimbledon, where he played admirably, mowing down players through the ranks until Djokovic defeated him. Still, Kyrgios has amassed quite a name for himself in the world of tennis and has had an enviable career. He deserves some rest.

Here's a look at Nick Kyrgios's Career Earnings

Year Singles Doubles
2013 $100,679 $9,106
2014 $638,814 $9,662
2015 $961,108 $61,931
2016 $1,757,289 $45,605
2017 $1,771,001 $137,852
2018 $1,001,667 $61,681
2019 $1,312,871 $71,703
2020 $539,670 $16,700
2021 $402,934 $27,169

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