Nefarious movie ending 2023 reveals that Edward Wayne Brady is scheduled to be executed by electrocution in Oklahoma. The scene takes the viewers on a moving experience from there.

The horror psychological thriller drama was released on April 14, 2023, with an IMDb rating of 7.1 and a runtime of 1 hour 37 minutes.

Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon together wrote and directed the film. The story is framed as a straightforward horror tale revolving around the impending execution of a convicted serial killer named Edward.

A psychiatrist, James Martin is called at the last minute to evaluate whether his mental situation of Edward is real. The serial killer informs him that he's a demon possessing the body that sits before him.

To freak the psychiatrist even more, he promises that he is about to commit a new string of murders.

Movie Actors

Nefarious Movie 2023 cast Sean Patrick Flanery as the lead role. Other maile roles are Jordan Belfi, James Healy, Cameron Arnetta, and other supporting roles like Eric Hanson.

Sean Patrick Flanery as Nefarious 

Sean Patrick Flanery is the Nefarious in the picture. He is a serial killer name Edward, who claims to have been possessed by a demon. 

The Young and the Restless performer was born on October 11, 1965, in Lake Charles, Louisiana. His real estate broker mom, Genie, and medical equipment salesman father, Paul Flanery, raised him in Houston, Texas.

The actor joined the acting class to meet his crush and eventually began performing in college. Later, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. In 1987, he debuted with the comedy-drama A Tiger's Tale.

Flanery is popular for his role as young Indiana Jones in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. He has hundreds of acting credits to his name, including The Damned Thing, Dexter, Eye See You, and High Moon.

His project, The Weapon, was released two months earlier, on February 17, 2023.

Sean Plays Edward Wayne Brady

Edward Wayne (Sean Patrick) is a serial killer in the cinema. Wayne is scheduled to be executed by electrocution finally after 11 years of deathrow and many delays.

He states to be a demon after it possessed his body, and that is the cause behind the crime he committed. According to the warden of the prison, he is a master manipulator.

Warden suspects that Brady uses devious skills to convince the doctor that he is clinically challenged and hence is not able to face punishment by the law.

Sean posed wearing shirt from Military Bjj in Texas
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Dr. James comes in at the last moment to examine his condition. At first, he thinks this case is similar to cases he has dealt with before. However, he finds out it is the most difficult one.

The characters talk in a single large-grim space, where there is a table and a couple of chairs. Edward's only goal is to reassure him to put a stop to his subsequent punishment.

He does his best to satisfy the doctor that a demon is inside him. Furthermore, the character admits that he is planning to commit multiple murders of his own before their talking time gets over.

So, does Wayne succeed to persuade the doctor? Horror drama lovers can give it a try, watching the moving picture.

Jordan Belfi as Dr. James Martin

Belfi is seen as Dr. James Martin in the cinema. The plot of the series revolves around Dr. Martin, a psychiatrist who comes across a peculiar care of the serial killer in jail.

He is the one who decides if Edward is competent enough to be executed. Jail warden Moss approaches him for assistance in proving Edward is faking his psychological condition. 

James accepts the request thinking he has solved several of these cases, yet, he finds it tough after the serial killer says that a demon has taken control of him.

Belfi looked dapper at the premiere of horror film on April 7, 2023
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The Entourage actor began acting with the American comedy cinema Remote in 1993. Last year his film Don't Look at the Demon was released in which he portrayed the character Matty.

On the personal front, Jordan Belfi is married to his Badlands of Kain fellow actress, Rachelle DiMaria. 

James Healy Jr. as Gate Guard

James Healy plays the role of gate guard in the series, who has been helping the psychiatrist.

Some of his notable performances can be witnessed in television shows and dramas like Law & Order: Special Victim Units, East New York, Dopesick, and Moonrise.

Healy Jr., the actor, was born in San Antonio, TX, on December 30. His father was co-owner of a Sales rep company, while his mother worked for former Mayor Tommy Vandergriff.

James promotes his fifth episide of A Thousand Tomorrows via Ig post on March 17
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At 15, he started acting in local theatres and had his First Theatrical Agent. His latest release includes On a Wing and a Prayer (2023), in which he played the role of Pastor Williams.

Eric Hanson as Assistant Warden Anderson 

Eric stars as assistant warden Anderson in the horror film. Hanson rose to prominence after his leading role in The Challenger Disaster 2019.

The Bonehead Award 2016 winner started his role as a supporting actor in the film. He was born on September 9, in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The She's Perfect superstar now lives in Plano, Texas, with his wife, Tracy.

Additional Casts

  • Ethan Millard as Prison Guard
  • Jeremy Miller as Officer Campbell
  • Daniel Martin Berkey as Fr. Louis
  • John Cann as Prison Guard
  • Grifon Aldren as Sergeant Wilborn
  • Maura Corsini as Melanie Carter
  • Robert Peters as Dr. Stewart

Where Can I Watch Nefarious 2023?

Nefarious 2023 can be watched in the theatres. The drama became available on Friday, April 14.

People who love horror pictures can give it a try while watching the film. You can easily book the tickets available for US cinemas. Regal and AMC are offering screening at the moment.

Is Nefarious on Netflix?

No, it is not available on Netflix. The streaming service has a huge list of films and television series, yet, it doesn't have the one we are looking for.

Sean Patrick nailed his character of the serial killer in the movie
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Instead, the viewers can enjoy dramas like The Witcher and Nightmare of the Wolf if they want some dark fantasy films.

Is Nefarious on Amazon Prime?

No, Amazon Prime's catalog has yet to have the cinema. However, it may soon be available as a high-demand video on the platform.

For now, the platform is streaming the original show Dororo.

Is the movie on Hulu?

The streaming giant has a massive index of horror and thriller series and moving pictures, but it still needs the recently released thriller film.

People with a subscription to the platform can go for Ninja Scroll and Afro Samurai Resurrection until the film is available.


Nefarious Movie 2023 review is worth watching as it earned a 7.1/10 rating on IMDB based on 841 users. Rotten Tomatoes has 97% of the audience score with 250+ verified ratings.

The film received a positive reception from the viewer. People loved the demon version of Sean. One of the viewers commented, " I knew Sean Patrick was a good actor, but he's always flown under the radar." He added, " He completely deserves the Academy Award for Best Actor, his performance left me stunned (in a good way) but also shook."

One of the critics said, " the movie may not be great filmmaking, but it is confident filmmaking, and sometimes that can get you exactly where you want to go."

A news site American Wire commented on the film on Instagram. It states the picture invades the viewers with honesty-patiently, and methodically and sets up shop in their minds, needling with lingering, unsettling thoughts long after the lights come on.

Parents Guide

Nefarious parents guide got an R rating for some violent content. R means restricted and intended to be viewed by the mature audience only.

7 out of 9 critics find the cinema mild based on violence and gore. They feel the film is not suitable for children and pre-teens to watch the horrifying scenes.

Kids under 16 are not preferable to watch the film. They might require an accompanying parent or Adult Guardian to watch along with.

The film has several serious conversations which might make the audience feel uncomfortable.

Some of the film scenes show a man breaking his finger purposefully, a description made about abortion, a man jumping from a high building, punishment via an electric chair, and suicidal attempts. All these actions might disturb the audience mentally, especially the children.

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