When Did Neale Daniher Get Motor Neurone Disease? Wife Jan Daniher Provides Relentless Support To Him

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Neale Francis Daniher AO is a former Australian Football League player who played for the Essendon Football Club (AFL). Daniher was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in 2014 and is now a well-known advocate for medical research.

Daniher, a two-year-old gelding trained by Anthony and Sam Freedman, will make his debut on the same day as his namesake Neale Daniher visits the MCG for his annual Freeze MND charity day.

Neale Daniher has astounded people from all walks of life with his bravery in fighting cancer he refers to as "The Beast" during the previous five years.

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Neale Daniher Wife Jan Daniher Supports Him In Dealing With Motor Neurone Disease

Neale Daniher's wife Jan Daniher was a constant support for him in dealing with Motor Neurone disease. The pair married on Australia Day, which was a significant event in Daniher's life.

Jan was from a Uniting Church family, and Danihers were devout Catholics. As a result, they got married at a non-denominational place of worship. 

The couple is blessed with a daughter Bec Daniher. "The Danihers: The Story of Football's Favourite Family" portrays the story of Neale and his relationship with his relatives.

Moreover, in his latest book, When All is Said and Done, AFL star Neale Daniher addresses the difficult issues of motor neuron illness and death.

Although Mr. Daniher refers to it as "The Beast," most Australians refer to it as motor neuron disease. The Ungarie-born AFL hero was diagnosed with the incurable disease that claimed the lives of two Australians every day in 2013.

He has now collaborated with writer Warwick Green to recount his experience in the book When All is Said and Done, which was published last month.

Mr. Daniher told The Daily Advertiser that the book came to him as he was sitting down to compose a letter to his future grandkids. There were none when he began, but father-of-four Mr. Daniher is now a grandpa to two grandchildren.

Daniher with his family
Daniher with his family

"I wanted my grandkids to know a little bit about their grandfather. I knew very little about my grandparents "he remarked.

"Back in my grandparents' day, you didn't discuss much yourself. But I was always curious about what their lives were like, so I decided to create a book so that my grandkids might learn about my life.

"I definitely didn't expect I'd write a book when I was initially diagnosed with MND." But I've lived longer than everyone predicted."

Mr. Daniher's book is a three-year undertaking, and he was in Wagga this week with his wife Jan on their way to Ungarie to see his mother Edna and other members who still live in the area.

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When Did Neale Daniher Get MND?

Neale Daniher was diagnosed with MND in 2013, a deadly disease that gradually destroys the nerve cells that regulate movement, speech, breathing, and swallowing.

Since MND is declared untreatable as of now, Daniher made the decision to devote the rest of his life to teaching Australians about the condition. He co-founded the FightMND charity organization, which has raised millions of dollars to discover a treatment for the condition.

Neale Daniher was also selected 2019 Victorian of the Year for his efforts to discover a treatment for motor neuron disease (MND).

The Victoria Day Council acknowledged Daniher's efforts to raise awareness about the condition in the media "despite his physical and voice challenges" in a statement.

Mr. Daniher feels that public knowledge of MND is increasing. "When I was diagnosed, I had no idea what it was, and not many people had heard of it, so there was minimal financing," he explained.

"There is no therapy nor cure." We started FightMND to raise awareness and cash for some real research." Mr. Daniher thinks that his book will contribute to the spread of this knowledge.

Furthermore, Daniher's courageous battle against motor neuron disease (MND) took center stage on Monday afternoon for the annual Big Freeze event. Celebrities such as Ash Barty braved the frigid plunge at the event.

Daniher's FightMND organization, which is behind the Big Freeze, set a target of raising more than $2 million before halftime, which was met midway through the first quarter.

Similarly, the Albanese government will provide $4 million to the MND battle and the Victorian government has contributed $250,000.

Neale Daniher Voice And Health Update

Bec Daniher, the daughter of AFL legend Neale Daniher provided an update on his father's voice and stated that it is getting difficult to communicate. 

Bec told presenters David Koch and Natalie Barr about her father's health as the AFL world prepares for the 'Big Freeze at the 'G' fundraiser for Daniher's 'Fight MND' foundation.

Neale Daniher at the Big Freeze event.
Neale Daniher at the Big Freeze event.

"He's doing OK, you know, he's such a wonderful person," Bec remarked, "but 'the beast' is starting to take his voice, and it's really hard to see that happen."

"It's difficult for him to communicate with us," she continued. 

He is, nonetheless, dedicated to finding a remedy for the dreadful illness. He was also observed healthy and smiling during the Big Freeze toady event.


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