Who Is Nathaniel Stillwater? Daniel Brophy Son Interview With Dateline About The Murder Of His Father

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Daniel Brophy's son Nathaniel Stillwater testified against his stepmother Nancy for his father's wrongful death. 

In June 2018, Daniel Brophy lost his life, leaving his family and son Nathaniel Stillwater behind. It devastated everyone in the community who had known him as a charismatic and warm nature human being. 

The father and son were known for their friendship-like relationships, which everyone admired. Daniel's tragic death mainly affected his son, who was completely shattered and heartbroken.

More than that, Stillwater was fighting for justice for his father's unfair demise. Hear more about the case as the Dateline NBC takes another look at the crime story "Murder in Kitchen One."

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Who Is Nathaniel Stillwater? Daniel Brophy's Son From First Wife 

Daniel Brophy's son Nathaniel Stillwater is the only child he shares with his first wife. They were well-known for their bond of friendship among the community people. 

However, the father and son were not always close to each other. Nathaniel, who embraced his mother's last name, was estranged from Daniel. 

His dad and mom had just divorced when he was only 13. Growing up with his mother, he soon lost his tie with his father. 

When he turned 21, everything changed, along with his relationship with Brophy and ultimately being each other's close buddy. Nevertheless, their lovely connection couldn't last long after his father passed away. 

He still recalls his dad, who has been there for him and was approachable when needed. 

Nathaniel Stillwater Interview With Dateline

NBC Deadline has come up with a new episode, "Murder in Kitchen One," featuring the crime story of Daniel Brophy. The series has also presented various interviews, along with Nathaniel Stillwater. 

It will air on 10 June 2022, where the team will talk about Nancy Brophy. She is a romance novelist who faces charges with her husband, Daniel's murder. 

As for Stillwater, he previously testified on his stepmother Nancy's trial and filed a wrongful lawsuit for his parent's death while seeking $1.7 million. 

Daniel Brophy's son Nathaniel Stillwater
Daniel Brophy's son Nathaniel Stillwater

Where Is Nathaniel Stillwater Today? 

In today's time, Nathaniel Stillwater has given his interview on the Dateline regarding his father's murder case. Before in Nancy's murder trial in 2022, he testified

"I spent the first two weeks following pretty close to her. I remember asking her if she was receiving any counseling, but I don't know if that question was ever posed to me." 

In the present day, he probably lives with his family while still mourning his father's death. 

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