The mullet, once relegated to past decades, is back with a vengeance, shedding its former stigma and transforming into a versatile symbol of edgy individuality. But ditch the one-size-fits-all image – this mullet revival boasts diverse variations for both men and women, catering to a spectrum of styles.

Whether you're a man seeking rugged charm or a woman craving a fearless vibe, there's a mullet variation waiting to unleash your inner rockstar. So, dive into the world of mullet reinvention and discover the look that speaks to your daring spirit.

1. The French Mullet

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The French mullet, a captivating twist on the classic mullet, takes center stage in the realm of edgy haircuts. Unlike its punk rock predecessor, this variation boasts a refined elegance, featuring wispy bangs that graze the forehead and cascade down to cheekbone level, while the back maintains a textured, choppy style, typically ending at the nape of the neck or just above the shoulders.

This hairstyle flatters various face shapes, particularly those with defined jawlines and prominent cheekbones, as the bangs soften angles and add balance. To elevate the French mullet, consider incorporating subtle highlights or lowlights for added dimension, or embrace a bold undercut for a touch of rebellious flair.

2. Taper Mullet

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The Taper Mullet, a captivating blend of classic mullet and contemporary taper fade, reigns supreme among edgy haircuts. Defined by short, tapered sides and nape seamlessly transitioning into a flowy, textured back, it offers a bold contrast that turns heads.

Unlike its 80s predecessor, the front maintains a business-like composure, often kept short and styled forward or swept across the forehead which flatters various face shapes, particularly oblong and square, as it balances proportions and softens strong features. And for the daring souls, don't shy away from adding subtle highlights or lowlights to further amp up the dimension and visual intrigue.

3. The Mullet Lob

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The Mullet Lob, a captivating fusion of the mullet's rebellious spirit and the lob's timeless elegance is more than just a hairstyle - it's a statement. This daring cut boasts short, face-framing layers in the front, cascading down to a longer, flowing back, often reaching the shoulders or even grazing the collarbones.

Its versatility knows no bounds, gracing the tresses of women with various face shapes and textures, from heart-shaped to oval and fine to thick. To elevate your Mullet Lob, consider textured waves or loose curls that add volume and dimension to the longer back section, or opt for bold highlights or an on-trend balayage to emphasize the contrasting lengths further. 

4. Classic Mullet

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The iconic classic mullet, with its party in the front and business in the back, is back with a vengeance, shedding its dated reputation and offering a bold and edgy statement for those who dare. The front maintains a sleek, controlled length, often textured or swept, framing the face, while the back lets loose, cascading down in a flowy mullet party that can graze the shoulders or dips down to the mid-back.

Whether you have straight, wavy, or even curly hair, a mullet can be tailored to flatter your face shape and personal style. To elevate this hairstyle, consider incorporating subtle layering throughout for added volume and movement, or experiment with fades on the sides for a clean contrast.

5. Mullet With Micro Bangs

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This daring variation features a sharp contrast between the short, wispy fringe grazing the forehead and the elongated flow in the back, often reaching shoulder length or beyond. While the mullet itself transcends gender norms, the micro bangs add a touch of feminine softness that beautifully counterpoints the hairstyle's inherent edginess.

This unique combination flatters various face shapes, particularly those with strong jawlines or prominent cheekbones, where the bangs draw attention upwards and balance out proportions. To elevate this look, consider playful textures like choppy layers or beachy waves, and don't shy away from bold hair colors to make it your own truly.

6. Curly Back With Temple Faded Mullet

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Unleash your inner rockstar with the Curly Back with Temple Faded Mullet, a statement cut that fuses classic rebellion with modern flair. This hairstyle boasts short, temple-faded sides seamlessly transitioning into a cascade of untamed, shoulder-length curls in the back, creating a bold contrast that flatters square and oval face shapes.

Its naturally fuller body flatters those with round or oval face shapes, and the playful texture complements both thick and fine curls. Elevate this cut with subtle highlights that accentuate the curl definition and add depth, and consider incorporating shaved designs or patterns into the fade for a touch of rock-and-roll rebellion.

7. Modern Mullet

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Once relegated to the realm of 80s nostalgia, the mullet has emerged from the salon shadows with a contemporary twist in the form of Modern Mullet. This bold hairstyle boasts shorter, choppy layers on top, often blending seamlessly into a tapered fade on the sides, while the back retains its signature length, offering a range of options to play with.

Don't let the length disparity intimidate - the modern mullet flatters various face shapes, particularly those with strong jawlines and defined cheekbones. Want to elevate your mullet game? Consider a textured fringe or curtain bangs for added personality, or experiment with highlights or lowlights to enhance dimension, and remember, it isn't just for a specific gender; its androgynous appeal makes it perfect for anyone who wants to rock a bold and confident look.

8. Curtain Mullet

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The Curtain Mullet, a captivating fusion of two bold trends, boasts a center-parted fringe that cascades softly like wispy curtains, framing the face, while the back maintains a mullet's signature length, creating a delightful play on contrasting proportions. This hairstyle flatters various face shapes, particularly those with sharp jawlines, as the front fringe balances facial angles.

The key lies in the contrasting lengths: the front drapes softly, reaching the chin or cheekbones, while the back cascades down the shoulders or even the back in a flowy cascade. Elevate your Curtain Mullet by experimenting with textures – beachy waves add effortless charm, while sharp, defined layers amplify the edgy vibe.

9. Punk Mullet

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The Punk Mullet, a rebellious riff on the already audacious mullet, explodes onto the scene, defying convention with an amplified edge. This hairstyle doesn't shy away from contrasting lengths: the front maintains a choppy, punk-inspired shortness, framing the face with an air of defiance, while the back boldly boasts a flowy, voluminous mullet that cascades down the neck in a statement-making cascade.

This fusion of punk spirit and mullet moxie thrives in those who embrace individuality, particularly those with thick or naturally straight hair that retains texture. To truly crank up the volume, consider incorporating vibrant streaks of color, shaved designs into the nape, or even an asymmetrical mullet where one side boasts a longer mullet tail.

10. Shaggy Mullet

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The shaggy mullet, a fusion of the iconic rockstar mane and the carefree shag, is making a roaring comeback, offering an edgy twist on a classic silhouette. This daring style defies convention, boasting short, choppy layers in the front that effortlessly cascade into a longer, textured "business in the back" section.

Perfectly suited for those with a rebellious spirit and adventurous mane, the shaggy mullet flatters various face shapes, particularly heart, and oval, adding volume and dimension to fine hair and taming the wildness of thick locks. Embracing texture is key, so tousle with texturizing spray or embrace natural waves for an effortlessly cool vibe, or take it up a notch with bold highlights, peekaboo colors, or an undercut for added edge.

11. Frisky Mullet With Bangs

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Craving a hairstyle that screams individuality and effortless cool? Look no further than the Frisky Mullet with Bangs, a captivating twist on the iconic mullet that boasts short, wispy bangs framing the face, seamlessly transitioning into a flowy, textured mullet in the back. The length in the front playfully grazes the cheekbones, offering a touch of softness, while the back maintains the mullet's signature length, cascading down the neck for an undeniable rockstar vibe.

This haircut flatters various face shapes, particularly those with strong jawlines or prominent cheekbones, as the bangs help soften features and balance proportions. Consider incorporating textured layers for added volume and dimension to elevate this look, or experiment with bold highlights for a truly eye-catching statement.

12. Burst Fade Mullet

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Merging the contemporary burst fade with the timeless mullet, the Burst Fade Mullet carves a niche for itself boasting a short, tapered back and sides achieved through a burst fade, where the fade transitions seamlessly into a defined line around the ear. The front, however, defies convention, transitioning into a flowy, medium-length mullet that cascades down the neck.

While traditionally favored by men with angular features and strong jawlines, this style thrives on individuality, making it a perfect fit for those who embrace bold statements and possess thick, manageable hair. Consider incorporating textural details like choppy layers or disconnected sections in the mullet portion to elevate its impact.

13. The Wolf Mullet

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The Wolf Mullet, a captivating twist on the iconic mullet, boasts short, choppy layers in the front, framing the face with a textured, wolf-like aura, while the back transitions into a flowy, longer mullet section. Imagine cascading locks in the back, whispering flirtatious secrets with every swish, while the front boasts a choppy, wolf-like fringe, framing your face with a touch of untamed cool.

This daring style thrives on medium to thick hair, its wild soul best expressed in those who embrace individuality, but even fine hair can join the pack with strategic texturizing and layering. Consider a side fade for a clean contrast or playful face-framing layers for added movement to elevate your Wolf Mullet to legendary status.

14. Mohawk Mullet

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 The Mohawk Mullet, a fusion of punk rebellion and retro charm, is characterized by shorter sides with a distinct strip of longer hair down the center of the head, extending to a mullet-style length at the back.  This daring hairstyle features shorter, closely cropped sides that gradually transition into a longer, spiky strip of hair down the center of the head, creating a striking contrast. 

Ideal for those craving an edgy aesthetic, it's a playground for individuality, perfectly suited for flattering, confident individuals with strong facial features and an adventurous streak. Elevate it further with intricate braids woven into the Mohawk, shaved designs near the temple, braided sections within the Mohawk, or vibrant colors for a truly head-turning statement.

15. Edgy Pixie Mullet

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Picture this: Short, choppy layers frame the face, exuding a confident, pixie-like vibe, while the back transitions into a cascade of textured strands, channeling the mullet's rebellious spirit. The Edgy Pixie Mullet has a shorter front, usually around chin-length, adding a touch of modern femininity, while upholding its boldness.

This versatile style flatters various face shapes, especially those with strong jawlines or prominent cheekbones, as the contrasting lengths add balance and soften features. Elevate the edgy factor with bold colors like platinum blonde and fiery red, embrace natural tones with contrasting highlights, or ask your stylist for choppy layers, spiky textures, or even an undercut with a design for added oomph.

16. Edgy Mullet Cut with Shaved Sides

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Unleash your inner rockstar with the Edgy Mullet Cut with Shaved Sides, a daring twist on the resurgent mullet trend. This hairstyle embraces the classic mullet silhouette - short, blended sides and a longer back - but cranks up the volume with a clean shave on the sides, creating a stark contrast and edgy vibe.

This daring style boasts a bold contrast: the front maintains a medium length, offering styling versatility, while the sides are completely shaved, creating a clean and graphic canvas. To elevate the edge, consider a shaved design on the sides, like a geometric pattern or lightning bolt, and play with colors such as platinum blonde for icy cool vibes, or embrace fiery reds for a punk rock spirit.

17. Permed Mullet

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Forget the dated stereotype; the permed mullet is back with a vengeance, shedding its 80s baggage for a contemporary, edgy flair. This mullet variation boasts a short to medium length in front, styled into textured, face-framing layers, while the back transitions seamlessly into a voluminous, permed mass, typically reaching shoulder length or beyond.

This cut flatters most face shapes, softening angles with its voluminous crown and balancing proportions with the tapered back. To elevate it further, consider a high-contrast balayage or peek-a-boo highlights that add dimension to the perm, and don't shy away from experimenting with bold hair colors like platinum blonde or fiery reds.

18. The 80s Mullet

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The iconic 80s mullet, characterized by its business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back dichotomy, transcends decades as a hairstyle brimming with edgy potential. This audacious cut boasts short, face-framing layers transitioning seamlessly into a cascade of flow at the back, defying convention with its contrasting lengths.

While traditionally sported by iconic figures like David Bowie and Billy Ray Cyrus, the mullet's modern iterations cater to diverse styles, making it a unique choice for those seeking to push boundaries. To elevate your mullet game, consider incorporating subtle fades on the sides, experimenting with texturizing sprays for added volume and definition, or weaving in vibrant highlights for a truly unforgettable look.

19. Long Mullet

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Owning the edgy resurgence of the mullet? The long version amps up the drama with face-framing layers in the front, transitioning seamlessly to a cascade of untamed length at the back. This mullet isn't just about business in the front and party in the back; it's a harmonious blend best suited for those with confidence and bold aesthetics.

While traditionally suited for naturally straight or wavy hair, the long mullet's versatility shines through in how it flatters various face shapes, particularly those with strong jawlines or prominent cheekbones, as the contrasting lengths balance out proportions. Embrace curtain bangs for a softer touch, rock a bold undercut for added oomph, or experiment with vibrant colors to truly push boundaries. 

20. The Retro Mullet With Frizzy Top

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Embrace your inner rockstar with the Retro Mullet With Frizzy Top, a modern masterpiece rekindling nostalgia that throws texture and volume into the classic mullet mix. This cut features a short, textured top, often achieved naturally with perming or teasing curly hair, that explodes into a flowy, mid-length mullet in the back.

This untamed mane boasts an effortless cool that flatters confidently on oval, heart, and diamond face shapes, balancing strong jawlines and softening wider cheekbones. This mullet variation is perfect for those with naturally wavy or curly hair, but even straight hair can be styled with texturizing sprays and diffusers to achieve the desired effect.