Who killed Mouse on Euphoria season 2 finale? Fans have gone crazy over one of the most emotional scenes of the series. Is it Fez or Ashtray? 

Spoilers: Euphoria gives one of the most bittersweet endings to the season with the suspected death of one of the most-loved characters. The season finale leaves with hanging questions with both Ashtray and Fez being gravely injured. 

It all started with a complicated character in the show, Mouse. He performed one of the most intensified moments of the whole series when he urged Rue (Zendaya) to try a drug with a knife. 

Who Killed Mouse On Euphoria Season 2? Fez or Ashtray?

According to Custer, Laurie killed Mouse on Euphoria. 

However, the season finale may have opened the eyes of many fans about what exactly happened. Many now believe that it was Ashtray who killed Mouse. 

In the epic season finale, the Police find Mouse's body and Custer puts the blame on Laurie. Upon hearing this, Ashtray takes a knife and stabs Custer in the neck before Fezco can do anything about it. 

Several fan theories have mentioned it was one of Ashtray or Fez who actually killed Mouse but not the drug kingpin, Laurie. This was probably the reason why Ashtray decided to kill Custer. 

Do Ashtray Or Fez Die On Euphoria? What Happened? 

Neither Ashtray nor Fez have actually died on Euphoria until now. 

When Ashtray locks himself inside the room with guns, Fez begs him to come out. But it was too late as the SWAT team had already arrived. So, Ashtray starts firing and gets return fire from the SWAT team.

Likewise, Fez gets caught in the middle and gets shot in the stomach but doesn't look quite serious. But the condition of Ashtray is quite contrasting as he had faced multiple shots. 

So, if one of Ashtray or Fez would die in the season 2 finale, it would be Fez. But TV shows often have hesitation when it comes to a death of such a character, except for Game of Thrones, of course. 

Euphoria Season 3 Spoilers And Easter Eggs

The second season of the HBO teen drama lived up to the hype. 

Started with the original story of Fezco and how he got involved with drug dealers, it was only obvious the series with end with him. But what's next for Euphoria fans?

Fans have several theories that put Fez to be one of the drakest characters of the show. Theroies say that Ashtray probably dies that pisses off Fez who now becomes the new drug lord. 

We'll have to see what Sam Levinson has in mind.