Monica Mangin weight loss from her daily workout routine and diet plan. Monica has already lost over 60 pounds. 

The CEO of East Coast Creative Productions commenced her journey toward wellness in 2019. In the latest episodes of LiveKellyandMark, her slimmed-down body is visible. 

Monica used to look chubby a few years back, but today she has successfully achieved a toned body. From 2020, Mangin gradually and steadily started to lose weight. 

Her facial fat is not detectable, rather her jawline has started to be defined. Mangin's fitness journey and amazing transformation have proved to be the icing on the cake as she looks even prettier and more radiant these days. 

Although the audience can not help but talk about her glow and new look, Monica has not said anything about it. Unlike most of the people who achieve this feat, she has not posted her before and after pictures online.

Eric Mangin

Monica Mangin husband Eric Mangin works at the pharmaceutical company Merck. Eric is responsible for the development of the organization.

Monica and Eric tied the wedding knot in 2001 at the young age of 19. They have enjoyed more than two decades of blissful marriage.

On the 11th of July 2017, he shared a monochromatic picture with her and penned a sweet note, "Closing in on 16 years with this sweet thing."

Eric further expressed that he does not regret one minute of it. He seems to be living his life to the fullest, looking at his Instagram handle. 

Eric took his wife on a last-minute date night to Phils game on the 11th of April
Source : instagram

As per Monica, her better half is selfless, his energy is endless and he is very patient. They announced that their book 'Free Range Children' will be published in 2018.

Mr. Mangin is a family guy who spends a lot of his time with all his kids and wife. It appears that he also enjoys traveling and exploring new places.

Here are some of the places he has visited along with his family, and friends:

  1. In late April 2023, he visited Kings Island located in Cincinnati, Ohio with his little ones. It was a part of their annual spring visit.
  2. On the 7th and 8th of April, he made a memorable trip to Arches National Park and Zion National Park. His friend Daniel Emr accompanied him.
  3. Eric and Monica watched the Super Bowl together with their babies in March.
  4. The family had fun at Hatchet Bay Cave in December 2022. That year, they visited the Levy Nature Preserve and hung out with the animals.
  5. In 2017, they went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

Son And Daughter Info

Monica Mangin family consists of six members including four children and her spouse. Her kids are Kaden, Callen, Makenzie and Kira.

They welcomed their first kid after a year of their marriage. The couples were only 20 at that time.

Her children, especially Makenzie and Kira, inherited her art and craft skills. They are a close knitted family as they are often seen spending a lot of time together.

Makenzie Mangin

Makenzie is the firstborn of Monica and Eric, who introduced them to the feeling of parenthood. With love, they call her Kenz, and she was born on 9 March 2002.

She graduated in May 2020 from Pennridge High School. Currently, she is 2021 years old. Her dad Eric made a birthday post for her and wrote, "21! Seriously!?!?"

Makenzie has more than 1000 followers on her social handle, and there are 45 posts limited to her near and dear ones.

Eric congratulated his daughter on graduating from High School in May 2020 and declared his excitement for the next chapter of her life
Source : instagram

Kaden Mangin

Kaden and his elder sister Kenz served as production assistants at EC2. He is the second kid and the first son of the Mangin family.

On his social media, he has mentioned @kingscornerboxing. So, it seems that he is involved in boxing activities. Kaden goes to Pennsylvania State University.

Kira Mangin

Kira celebrates her birthday on the 13th of August every year. Born in 2007, she is 15 currently. 

Kira is an athletic person who plays field hockey. On her Instagram handle with username @crafty.kira, she has 10 posts where she has doodled art. 

This account has been inactive since 2018. Currently, she is present on the app as @kirajane72. There are 46 posts on Kira's private account, limited to her close acquaintances. 

All the Mangin children, Kaden, Makenzie, Callen, and Kira [ from the left] at Bucks County to celebrate the 4th of July in 2022
Source : instagram

Callen Mangin

Callen is the youngest son of the Mangin clan, who was born on February 2009. The 14-year-old boy finds joy in hunting, fishing, shooting, and playing hockey.

In November 2022, he participated in Philadelphia Revolution Ice Hockey and shared snippets of the day on the photo-sharing app.

Callen joined his dad on turkey hunting in April 2022. It was their first time doing the activity.

Although they did not spot any turkey, it was a great bonding time because they spent 7 hours together, as mentioned by Eric. 

Besides, the father-son duo often goes out fishing. It's one of the ways through which they bond. In 2020, he had an accident that led to eye surgery and a lens transplant. As of now, he has completely healed.

Live With Kelly and Mark

Monica Mangin deals include beauty and skincare products, eco-friendly items, and luxurious gifts. Mangin regularly appears on Live With Kelly and Mark.

In the TV show, she partners with various brands and does great bargains. The viewers can get 50% off on all items that are shared by Monica if they choose to buy them by scanning the QR code provided on the screen.

Monica [at the center] poses with Kelly and Mark at their chat show
Source : instagram

The lifestyle blogger has been appearing on the chat show for quite some time. Even during the pandemic, Mangin was involved with the show. 

Ryan Seacrest had been accompanying Kelly to run the show since 2017. Live with Kelly and Mark began in April this year after Seacrest left the show. Before that, it used to air under the name Live with Kelly and Ryan.

All in all, as a lifestyle expert, she gives her options and suggestions to the viewers on what to buy and what to avoid.

Some of the Bargains with Mangin on the talk show are mentioned below:

  • Cool and Fun Summer Bargains
  • Fall Home Bargains
  • Bargains to Upgrade Your Life
  • Bargains to Beat the Summer Heat
  • Green Bargains
  • Feel Better Bargains
  • Holiday Gift Bargains
  • Bargains for Comfort
  • $20 and under Bargains
  • Health and Wellness Bargains
  • Road Trip Bargains

Monica shares ideas for having your own movie night at home at the Live Kelly and Mark show ( Source : youtube )

Kelly and Mark are a Married Couple

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have been leading a marital life since 1 May 1996. Both of them are e 52 years old and have spent almost half of their lives together.

They married at 25, and today they are blessed with three kids, Michael Joseph, Lola Grace, and Joaquin Antonio who are 25, 21, and 20 years old respectively.

While Kelly began working at 'Live' in 2001, it is the first year of her beloved man Mark on the talk show as a co-host.