Who Was Jacky Chong Kai Wong? Here's what you need to know about the Malaysian man whose death case investigation has shocked the whole of Australia!

Jacky Chong Kai Wong had created headlines after he went missing in late 2020. A missing Malaysian, his news shook the NSW police force and Interpol.

After many investigations, the police have found dead body remains likely to be of the missing Wong.

Further forensic examination and DNA tests are still waiting though the police are sure that the body belongs to the late Wong from Malaysia.

The news of the recent investigation by the police has assured the public that justice and hard work from law enforcement is served though it took some time.

Missing: Who Was Jacky Chong Kai Wong? Wikipedia And Age Explored

Jacky Chong Kai Wong's age was 24 years old when he went missing in late December 2020. 

He was staying in Australia on a travel visa and had come under affiliation with a south-east Asian crime group. The crime syndicate specialized in growing commercial amounts of marijuana, and Wong likely worked as a crop-sitter for the group.

Jacky looked over 1,000 crops of illegal cannabis planted on the remote site.

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The reason behind his murder is still unknown to the police. Meanwhile, the police have confirmed that Wong was murdered a year ago by the criminal group members.

Looking for easy cash, Wong lost his life coming in contact with such a group that has no regard for human life.

His family back in Malaysia is hopeful for justice and the reason behind his death. Wong's case is a lesson for everyone who may be under financial pressure but not to be involved with such crime groups.

Jacky Chong Kai Wong Dead Body Found And Murder Case Update: What Happened to him? 

Jacky Chong Kai Wong's dead body remains were retrieved at a remote property in Killongbutta, about 40 kilometers north-west of Bathurst in central west NSW, on Sunday afternoon.

Daily Mail UK reports that Strike Force Heighway detectives and other specialist resources launched the investigation to locate his human remains last Tuesday.

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The NSW Police has arrested three men allegedly involved in the murder of Wong, per our recent updates.

They have been charged with murder, activities relating to a crime group, cultivating illegal drugs, and other charges before. The Police have alleged that all three men were involved in Mr. Wong's murder between December 25, 2020, and January 8, 2021.