Missing: What Happened To Charles Butler? Murder Suspects Anna Lioznov & Mikhail Chernyaev

Following Charles Butler's death, folks are eager to read his obituary to learn more about how he died and what caused his death. Continue reading.

The Charles Butler murder case, which occurred in the middle of 2012, shook the entire country. The killing was motivated by jealousy and took the life of a caring father.

It took about a month for Brooklyn authorities to crack the case and apprehend the criminal. Now, Oxygen's upcoming show "Final Moments," which will premiere on April 3, will take a closer look at the case.

Missing Charles Butler Obituary Details 

According to obituaries, Missing man Charles Butler was last spotted at his girlfriends' apartment. A surveillance camera had captured his final moments.  

Charles was a cheerful and hardworking businessman who grew up in Queens but moved to Florida when he was in his twenties. He was a divorcee with three children. 

Officials launched a full-fledged investigation after he went missing, but they struggled to find any evidence in the early days. But, eventually, officials had a lead and a suspect in hand.

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Charles Butler Had A Romantic Relationship With Anna Lioznov 

Charles Butler had met a 50-year-old lady Anna Lioznov during his common visits to the city, and the duos' relationship had turned romantic. Butler used to frequently visit his daughter based on the Upper East Side of Brooklyn.  

Butler and Lioznovs' relationship had gone strong, and they were planning to get married soon. But that would not happen as everything changed after Butler visited his sweetheart's residence on September 18, 2012. 

Butler had not been seen or heard from since the visit, which worried his friends and family. However, things worsened after his eviction when his daughter and lover received messages from his phone.

Later, a fisherman discovered Charles's decomposed corpse in Hawk's Nest, near Port Jervis, New York, on October 15, 2012.

The upcoming show "Final Moments" will feature heartbreaking murder storylines along with solid evidence that helped solve cases. You should be aware that these are true-life stories from five to six years ago.

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Murder Suspects Mikhail Chernyaev Was Found Guilty 

Initially, officials suspected both Anna Lioznov and her ex-husband Mikhail Chernyaev of the case. However, when a CCTV camera captured footage of Chernyaev's car at the scene, everything became clear.

Following that, Annas' ex was arrested and questioned by investigators. Mikhail later confessed, saying he killed Butler, drove his body upstate, and pushed it off a cliff.

Mikhail Chernyaev, 50, was found guilty by Brooklyn Supreme Court on September 19, 2012, and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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